Worried Over Small Matters


Most of us are not doctors. So if you get worried over a small rise in the temperature of your young ones, nothing is wrong with you(though they might tell you so).Here is a quick rundown on some of the common problems that often worry you.




The first sign of a child not being totally healthy is a listless state of mind or body. A healthy child will always be active. Any simple disorder in the system usually gives warning signals in the child’s body. Having tender immunity systems, children usually are more sensitive to physical problems. A listless child should be given as much rest as possible. In most cases it is just over-activity, even exhaustion. A good night’s sleep; after a warm bath is the best advise. Even doctors don’t advise medication for a tired child.


Body Temperature


Their body temperature is a sure indicator. Most of us consider fever or a high temperature as an indicator of a disease, more specific than general. But in a child’s system, fever is usually what it actually is. A rise in activity of body cells usually following trauma of some sort. It could even be a mental trauma, like a stressful journey, for instance. In case it is just a rise in temperature, it could be due to some infection in the body. However, in most cases, it is not a reason for great alarm. Fever is only the symptom, not the illness itself. If it is not followed by a disorder of the stomach or a cold or some other indicator of physical disorder, it is not too harmful. However, a high temperature should be controlled as soon as possible, either by simple antipyretic drugs or by an ice bag. It is actually a better idea to place wet towels on a feverish child’s forehead. This contains the temperature and cools the entire body.


Bowel Movements


Another indicator of an impending disorder is wrong or irregular bowel movements. A blockage in urine flow, burning or pain during urination needs to be looked into immediately. An increase in the intake of water and liquids can ease the burning to an extent but the problem could be an infection in the tract or even higher. It could prove dangerous if not treated in time.


Usually children’s bowel movements develop at a fix time. Habits can be formed to facilitate that. Sometimes it can happen that no stools are being passed for one or two days. But if it takes longer, you need to look into it. In fact stools are the surest indicator of a faulty system. Irregular bowel movements can be corrected by changing the diet pattern but if it persists, medical help is required.




Another thing to watch out for is outdoor fun. Bites of small insects like mosquitoes, even garden ants can cause discomfort and known problems. There are a whole lot of creepy crawlies that bite dangerously. A swollen, painful insect bite has poison in varying quantities. Most children escape from these with a little mark. But if the poison is strong, it can have a harmful effect too. The commonest symptom of danger is drowsiness. After an insect bite, if the child feels pain, sleep or faint, immediate medical action is required.


A little care goes a long way in bringing up the child. But too much of anything is bad and too much of fuss can kill. So symptoms should not be ignored, at the same time, first measures should be taken in time. Most big problems do not become big if they are dealt with when they are small.