Accessories are a woman's soul mate


'Books are a man's best friend' so goes a popular saying. I could definitely add one to that….'Accessories are a woman's soul mate'. No outfit is complete without that handbag slung over your arm, the funky footwear slipped onto your feet and that colourful scarf thrown around your shoulder.


Here are a few pointers for making any outfit dazzle and to add in a touch of 'that little bit extra.'


1.    Scarves: These are a must have for those who wish to add colour and delicacy to their attire. Choose one that goes with the image you wish to portray. A colourful scarf on a plain dress can be extremely chic. Similarly, a light, toned down floral or one with ethnic motifs can lend an element of sobriety to your persona while at the same time enhancing your 'fashionable' image.


2.    Handbags: Take your pick- You want to sling one over your shoulder or hold one in your hand. A plain, simple handbag justifies the dignified, corporate look. On the other hand if you plan to dazzle at a party, definitely go in for a beaded, sequined bag. For those of us who are more sporty and casual, the little pouch strapped to the waist or hung onto the back can be most convenient.


3.    Footwear: The range to choose from is enormous. Funky and colourful in a variety of forms for the flippant, casual look or flat, square-toed sandals teamed with a pair of straight-legged trousers for the down-to-earth, simple yet sophisticated look. Every woman should definitely have a pair of high heels. The rage this season is the beaded and sequined pair of sandals. Go in for a traditional look with embroidered footwear or one that uses traditional textiles.