Walk in bath tubs with shower; a luxury


Now days people decorate their houses in a modern and trendy way similarly people like to make their bathrooms fashionable and stylish too. Many people believe that a good soothing bath taken in a good and comfortable bathroom can prove more relaxing and easing. These days you can find bathroom fittings and bathtubs in many different styles and prices varying from cheap to reasonable to expensive ones.

People like to keep bath tubs as well as showers in their bathrooms so as to take a long relaxing bath as well as enjoy a quick shower when in a hurry. Walk in bath tubs usually have an internal or an external opening door which is self-sealing. Some walk in bath tubs even have a seat which is of a standard chair height. They take the same amount of space as a normal bath tub but give a more luxurious look as compared to a normal one.  Sliding shower doors can be placed in them. Walk in bath tubs are very attractive for children and equally dangerous as well. Those people who have these kinds of luxuries in their home should be very careful with children to avoid any kind of an accident.

Walk in bath tubs with showers have the showers usually placed above the bath tub. Such bath tubs are usually used in big houses as well as hotels in lavish suites and rooms. They cater to double purposes:

*A quick shower can be taken when in a hurry.

*A relaxing bath can be taken in the bath tub.

Walk in bath tubs combine beauty and safety with the benefits of a spa. They are convenient to use by elderly people as it usually has a seventeen inch chair to sit on while taking a bath. They allow you to walk in opening from any side you want such as right or left. They can even be made in your existing tub or shower.

Elements of Walk in bath tubs with showers:

*They are safe.

*They have non-slip floors

*They have safety bars and easy-to-grip handles.

*Some have hydro therapy features.

*Some even have hand held showers.

*Some models include aroma therapy and chromatherapy like in spas.

*They have a shiny interior and so make cleaning easier.

*They allow a person to stand in it and take a shower.

*Some models have transfer benches.

*One can install air, electric, field, navy, steam, Vichy or Roman showers in them.


*They are available on the space and cost you can afford.

*The size of your bathroom allows you to choose the size and style of your Walk in bath tub with showers.

*One can choose the style of walk in bath tubs with showers on internet and then get them made according to one’s choice.

Walk in bath tubs are a pleasure to use when they have massaging jets and spa-like treatments but even though if one can not afford these things they still give a luxurious and pleasant feel to the user. They add a new meaning to the word ‘comfort’ in your bathroom. In other words they add value to your bathroom and life.