Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding


Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Vinyl cedar shake siding look equally beautiful and elegant. They are not extremely expensive and cannot be termed as cheap. They are done in the following ways:

  •  Low gloss finish


The low gloss finish is done with the natural texture as well as the grained texture. This means that what ever you choose would stay for always until u want to change your self. It does not demand maintenance and gives a new look always. It can be done in 16 different shades chosen according to the circumstances and the choice if the owner.

  •  Grain textured

the grain textured vinyl cedar shake siding can be done in two classic styling:

  •      Double 7”
  •      Triple 5”

it has a double polypropylene which is 100” thick.  Its structure holds a rigidity and strength in itself making it last for a life time. It has 19 colors in the double theme where as 14 colors in the triple theme.

  •  Half rounded

This looks beautiful because of its half rounded style. It is 6-1/4” in style. It also has all the same perks of life time limited warranty and lots of colors. It also needs s a separate shade for the trim.

  •  Discovery half rounded


The half rounded shingle is 080” thick with 48” in length. It has an exposure of 16 ½” with a double profile of 6 ½”.

  •  Discovery hand split

This gives a comparatively rough look and has all the same sizes as of the half rounded shingle.

  •  Discovery perfection single double

This is the super premium in its kind and is also made up of the molded material. It looks beautiful in its own style of beauty and shape.

The vinyl cedar shake styling is done in different shades and its price range varies from as low as $24 per tile to $318 per tile. Most of the styles are shipped free to the required place. The cedar accents are done in several shapes:

  •      hexagon
  •      half cove
  •      fish scale
  •      octagon
  •      mitered corner
  •      round
  •      square

The colors are done in several beautiful shades that one can choose from. The color and style of the shading should be such that it appeals the eye at one glance. One should not feel awkward by the color of the out look. At times one passes such houses that look like fancy colored decorated pastries. Such colors do not appeal the eye and rather look odd.

The vinyl cedar shake siding has a life time warranty and thus being comparatively expensive than the other ones that last barely 1-3 years, they can not be redone again and again.

The vinyl cedar shake siding are one of the most beautiful and long lasting out look done for the most houses these days. They are available in several styles and colors that one can choose according to their mood and style they want to give their house siding as they have a lasting effect.