Vaastu - Shape and Size of a house


Important Features of a House

A house is planned keeping the shape of the site in view. A square shape fits perfectly a square site and a rectangular shape is right for a rectangular site. If the length is more from East to West the building also should be planned accordingly. If the length is more from North to South the length of the building should be proportionate to the length of the site. Covering the Southwest quadrant in the site solves this problem correctly.

You can build many floors in a structure but a cuboid building gives the best results. The Sanctum Sanctorum of a temple is a square. A cuboid building multiplies the good effects and stands as a rock in turbulent situations. The ratio of width and height of a house should be 1:2.


The Plinth of the house:

The plinth should be raised as high as possible taking the level of the roads into consideration. More than one meter high plinth is always preferable because you can change lot of things in a house at a later date but altering the plinth poses very difficult problems. Since the life span of a house is nearly a century, the level of the plinth should be very high. It gives dignity and enhances the elegance of a house.


The Doors and the Windows:

The doors are fixed in the Northeast, Northwest and Southeast of a room. The Southwest quadrant in a room is blocked with walls. A house should have atleast one opening to North and another to East. When the entrance to the house is on the South, the West is blocked without doors. When the entrance is from West, the South is blocked without doors.


Maximum number of windows can be fixed on the East and North sides of a house for maximum ventilation. More windows and doors on North and East are essential to ensure good health to the inmates.


An extra floor in the Southwest and more doors and windows in the North and East walls of a house act as healthy forces to prevent many diseases.


The Kitchen (Agni/Fire):

The right place for location of the kitchen in a house is the Southeast room. The cooking range/stoves/boilers etc should be located only in this corner. Fire performs its functions dutifully in its natural place Southeast corner. It controls expenditure, ensures good health and maintains peaceful atmosphere in the house. Its location in other corners produces harmful effects. Health of female members becomes the first victim of Fire in Southwest. It could lead to surgery and other serious health complications in the absence of other favorable factors.


Heavy expenditure, continuous stress and strain, and tensions and worries are the unwelcome results of Agni in Northwest. Wind fuels Fire to keep the housewife fully busy and occupied with a regular flow of guests.


Northeast is the worst place for the kitchen. Fire and water are deadly enemies. The bad effects of Fire in the Northwest become worse in Northeast. Strained relations among family members, uncontrollable expenditure including bigger medical bills, anxiety and uncertainty about future are some of the scary effects of Agni in Northeast corner.


These effects vary depending on other factors of a house. It is wise to keep the kitchen in its natural place Southeast corner to draw more of the positive energy of the Element Fire.


The Division of a house into Rooms:

The house should be divided into square/rectangular rooms. The rooms in the South and the West of a house have more Vaastu power. They are ideal for bedrooms. The head of the family should live in the master bedroom. This bedroom should be in the Southwest corner. This helps the head of the family to guide the family’s fortunes.


The toilet and dressing room should be treated as part of a bedroom. The shape of the room should be a square or a rectangle. Projection of toilet/dressing room towards Northwest or Southeast is not conducive for happy and peaceful living. In such rooms the beneficial effects of Northeast and Southwest are lost.


Some extra area in the form of a toilet/dressing room in Northeast and Southwest directions to a bedroom enhances the positive energy to make the room more pleasant to live. In such rooms people think and act rightly without wasting their time and energy in arguments.

The Northeast room in a house should be in the form a verandah to prevent sudden physical disorders in the family. The open verandah acts as a preventive and curative remedy to protect our health.