Vaastu - Important Features of a House


The Entrance/Facing:

The entrance to a house is decided by road/roads abutting a site. The notion that a particular direction alone is good for entrance is wrong. There are four directions in Nature and four roads can abut the sides of sites on four directions. All of them are good for happy living.

A house located in a Square/Rectangular site with proper levels, inside and outside the boundary, built in the Southwest quadrant along Saastric guidelines, and strengthened by prosperous Magnetic North gives similar results everywhere whether the entrance is from East, West, North or South.

If the road is on the East the ideal place for entrance is from the East direction. The main door should be placed in the Northeast on the Eastern side. If the road is on the North side the entrance should be in the Northeast on the North side. Similarly if the road is on the West Side the entrance should be on the Northwest on the West Side. If the road is on the South side then the entrance should be in the Southeast on the South side.

Entrance/facing is one of the many criteria to be looked into before you make a choice for your house. You have to look very carefully into all the positive factors to derive maximum benefits from Nature.


The Gate:

The gate opens the pathway to the homesite. For proper location divide the length of the side adjacent to the road into two halves. If the road is on the East the gate should be fixed in the North half of the East side. If the road is on the North the East half of the North side is right place for the gate. For a plot with a road on the West the North half of the West side is the proper place for the gate. The correct place for the gate for the house with a road on the South is the East half of the South side.

The gate should be fixed leaving some space from the corners. Avoid fixing the gates touching the corners.


The Puja Room:

Puja/Meditation room should be a square with doors and windows to East and North. It is preferable to locate on the West and South sides of the house because Vaastu Shakthi is relatively more in those areas. Concentration of mind becomes easier where Vaastu Shakti is more. It is common to place the Puja room in the Northeast corner of a house blocking East and North with walls. Blocking the Northeast room without windows and doors has ill effects on the health of the residents. It is preferable to convert the Northeast into an open verandah for peace of mind and better health.


The Compound Walls:

The compound wall demarcates a site from its neighborhood and gives it a distinct identity. Build your compound wall on the West and South boundaries first to hasten construction activity and complete the house on scheduled time. Compound walls on the North and East delay construction work and escalate costs. You can build them after the house is completed.

Wire fencing or very light and low level compound walls on North and East are favorable factors to strengthen the beneficial effects of the open space on the North and East. Heavy and high compound walls on North and East are a big drag on your efforts to better your life. Never build even a small structure touching East and North compound walls. It is a source of strong negative force working against your interests.


The Staircase:

The staircase is the link between different floors in a house/office for movement of men and materials. It should be located in the Northeast quadrant of a house. For a house with the entrance from North, the staircase should be on the North side. For a house with entrance from the East, the staircase should be on the East side. To get better results, the staircase in the Northeast should be light in weight and as small as possible. Light materials like wood and aluminium are highly suitable materials to fabricate a staircase.

The Southwest area in a house has more Vaastu power. It should be used for bedrooms or for doing intellectual work.


Water Storage:

Water should be stored below the ground in the Northeast quadrant of a site. An open cut well is a perennial source of health and wealth. A water body in the Northeast activates the Element Water and make it work for your welfare and prosperity continuously. RCC storage tanks should be built above the Southwest room and made as heavy and high as possible to strengthen the good effects of Southwest.

The Supreme Power of Nature transforms a house into a peaceful and pleasant place to live and realize our cherished goals in life.