Under mount bathroom sinks and your bathroom


A sink is a bowl-shaped fixture that is used for washing hands. They consist of a tap which supplies hot and cold water for the user and a drain which drains the used water away into a pipe attached below the sink. Sinks are manufactured in a variety of materials such as stainless steel, ceramic, marble, plastic, soapstone, concrete, terrazzo, wood, stone, copper, glass and granite.

An under mount sink is one which allows the user to replace or remove the countertop without removing the whole unit. It is not manufactured as one unit but two. This helps in reducing cost when a change has to be made either to the sink or the countertop. It offers you more designs and the choice of materials can even vary as you are not bound to use the same material for both things. You can mix and match and contrast colors according to your own will. There is no restriction in shapes and sizes. The glass under mount sink these days are becoming increasingly popular with a glass countertop and a steel sink fixed in the middle. Shops provide a wide variety of under mount sinks but the user can have one which is custom-designed.


One should always keep the following things in mind when it comes to an under mount bathroom sink:

·         The sink bowl depth should be standard so that the water does not splash the user.

·         A single bowl sink should be used as they are more practical for bathrooms but if the size of the bathroom is extraordinarily large a double bowled sink can be taken into consideration.

·         If the under side of the countertop is stone countertop is dust free it will be useful as it will not let the epoxy bond fail which is used to attach the two parts together.

·         This design goes with many decorating styles so any style can be chosen when it comes to the rest of the bathroom fittings and decorating.

·         Granite sinks are a better option to use than other materials as they are almost impossible to scratch damage or break. They are very beautiful but expensive too.

·          There is no point from where water can leak through and no place for dirt to hide in.

These sinks can be installed in any kind of bathroom with any kind of countertops. These sinks give a unique and elegant look to a bathroom. They can transform the look of your bathroom if you are thinking of renovation. The countertops which these sinks are fitted into provide a good place to keep things in use especially for women in terms of makeup and cosmetics. The countertops can even hold toiletries. These sink styles are not very expensive. These days they are becoming very popular and in demand for every bathroom. It is now becoming a must possess for every person’s bathroom. They are very easy to clean. They are a great option these days and useful too so if you are thinking of renovation or building a new bathroom I would recommend you buy an under mount sink!