Treatment of two to three year olds


What applies to two year olds does to two and a half year olds even more. In today’s days and times, it is foolish, even unhealthy to expect complete subservity from even two year olds. Moreover, it is usually the time for first school for the child, expanding her horizons by that much. Remember, she is an individual, who is going into the big bad world out there. She will start the first anxieties of what will later become peer pressure. Also there will be constant demand for new things, new foodstuffs, new clothes, pencils, papers, even fashion accessories.


The Need for Their Own Space


At this age, there is the painful discovery of self, unheard of even twenty years back. Today’s children are born with much higher IQs than we were, they need to be respected for it and their need for more space needs to be understood. At this age, the cognition of the external world and the quest for one’s place in it is so strong that the child often does unreasonable things to gain attention. Tantrums are just a part of the scene, there could be major screaming fits, torn clothes, slashed upholstery, coloured walls…much more and often due to the fact that the parents are trying to gain some semblance of order. Usually, rebellion is against the adult world at large.


They Are What They See


Experienced mothers would be wondering if three is really the age for such matured behavior, but going by the trends in child development, it really is becoming so.

Children exposed to a specific culture will naturally adapt it, goes without saying. But today, even the parents’ interests affect the child’s interests at that early an age. Couch potato parents, TV addicts and compulsive eaters cannot expect a healthy, physically active and balanced eater for a child. Similarly, homes with latest gadgets keep the child aware of how they work, a computer being one of the primary requirements.


Let Them See The World


Most schools also encourage informal study, less of reading writing and more of information gathering. It is a good idea to acquaint your child with the world, not only letters, alphabets, colours and shapes, but also things, activities of daily interest and social requirement. School teachers can never be mothers to your child, but you can be a teacher too. So start teaching in a manner that is most comfortable. It need not involve time and other material. For instance, a walk in the park could induce recognition of lots of items, names of birds, colours and names of flowers, names of swings, even activities like swinging, walking, sitting, taking. This requires no extra education, normal intelligent conversation is enough. This mode of learning gives the child more confidence, ensures a strong vocabulary at an early age and a steady recognition of the world around.