The Use of Toilet Paper Rolls and Dryer Sheets


We may think of how to use toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets properly in over the toilet and bathroom.  These are a blessing for smokers. Are you one of the chain-smokers? Do you smoke in public that at times irritate other people? If you do, find the best way to remain comfortable in your room and do smoke to avoid disapproval of companions, especially if you have room mates, that don't appreciate the smell of your favorite cigarette. Or you can take a hit and blow the smoke through the toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets stuffed in.

What these people usually care about is that you are displaying in public when you smoke. That makes them in trouble also if they don't report against your action and get trapped of not reporting it, for they don't want to ruin you. However, as concerned citizens, it is their job. They generally do not give a big deal if you just smoked a giant doobie walking around the campus, but the point of smoking in a room becomes health and safety concern to be taken heed of. Probably they care for fire that might occur. They may want to remind you that most dorms have a “no candle or incense policy” as well. It's not because they are worried about people covering up weed smoke but they're deeply anxious about fire. Try to take a walk and find a better existing place to smoke.

It is always good to hit and blow your smoke through the paper rolls and dryer sheets, but the question is do you own the dorm or the room? Try to be considerate with your co-occupants. That over the toilet and bathroom is a public use! If you get caught you may get kicked out of school. You may lose scholarships or financial aid and even put a mark on your unlawful testimony.

Furthermore, how well does a toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets work at hiding the smell of weed? The answer is simply through the use of a floobie - an easy device used to hide pot smell not the smoke. These floobies are great by turning the smell of a cigarette smoke into the scent of fresh laundry by using dryer sheets.

All you need are toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets and small plastic bottle with holes. For visual effects, you can make decorations like a bumble bee and leave the sheets sticking out.

Now, here are the simple steps to follow:

·         Take three to six dryer sheets and stuff them entirely into a toilet a paper roll, paper towel roll, or a small plastic bottle with holes poked in bottom.

·         Now try out your new floobie by blowing fresh weed smoke through it.

The aforementioned activities in which the toilet paper rolls and dryers sheets are used are just one among hundreds of ways to help you out from this problem. Use dryer sheets and get rid of the problem of smell of cigarettes.