What is a toilet flange?

The toilet flange is the sleeve that fits in the pipe in the floor. This is 3” and 4” wide, available in two sizes. One can opt for the correct size according to the pipe fitting done under the flooring. It includes adjustable stainless steel rings at the bottom of it that fit accordingly into the pipe. The toilet flanges are usually in two different types:

·         1 ½” offset PVC toilet flange

·         1 ½” offset ABS toilet flanges


How to raise the toilet flange? This is a very unfamiliar question. Many people don’t even know if the toilet flange can be raised or not. Raising the toilet flange is a difficult job and should be done by professional plumbers or plumbing companies only.

The process of raising the toilet flange if done properly, it is necessary if you are doing the new floor of the bath room and want to raise the toilet so that it fits properly on the floor.

Here are a few simple steps of how to raise the toilet flange:

  • Turn off the water supply tap.
  • Empty the flush tank.
  • Take out the installed pipes, as in taking out the fitting of the flush and place it aside.
  • Clean the area where the wax ring had attached the flush seat on to the floor.
  • The new flooring can be installed easily leaving the space open for the installation of the flush to be done later, after the flooring sets in.
  • The gap of the wax ring from the floor should not be more than ½ inch after the new floor has been installed. If the gap is more than ½ and inch then a closet flange extender would be required.
  • You might even require more than 1 extender ring at a time depending on the gap.
  • Then screw in the bolts of the flush and fit the whole thing in properly.
  • Reattach the whole system to the previous fittings accordingly with nuts and gaskets.


How to raise the toilet flange easily with out breaking any pipes or have to add in lesser additional extensions for pipes and rings you should consult a good plumber. Plumbing companies who install bathroom flooring and fitting provide several options according to the budget and the convenience of their client.

Usually need to raise the toilet flange is required only when the bathroom flooring is being redone. If the bathroom floor is made of wood and tiles are to be added then the flange changing procedure may be a bit different. If the tiles are there and wood flooring is to be done then things are easier. The reason is that wood is easier to damage than tiles. So once the wooden floor has settled in only then the raised flange would be adjusted with the flush. The piping extensions that are added in the flange are not the only extensions. The pipes that provide the clean water inlet need to be re installed as well at times.