The 'Sweat' Truth


Sweat myth:

It is a popular belief that the more you sweat the more you loose weight. Sweating is a process whereby the body keeps its temperature under control. Each of us has our own water retention capacity, which determines sweating. Our body composition is mainly that of water. Sweat is nothing but water and salt, expelled from the body as waste.

To loose weight one needs to indulge in a physically challenging activity which one enjoys and makes a part of one's daily routine

to benefit its long term effects, for a consistent time span of at least 20 to 25 minutes, irrespective of the sweat factor.

Sweat it out

Walking is one of the famous and more convenient exercises. Brisk walking imposes challenges on the body, taking the heart rate up to its

cardio zone (where energy levels are derived from fat rather than from

carbohydrates). This is usually an outdoor exercise (other than the treadmill, which is indoors).

Weather changes would be another factor to determine sweating. Health clubs and classes too have controlled temperatures, which again determines sweating.

How does weight loss take place?

By sweating more? Well actually sweating has very little to do with weight loss. As mentioned, waste products are expelled in the form of sweat. Sweating does not determine more weight loss or less. Working your heart rate up to trigger calorie burn is the only way of knocking off extra pounds through exercise, which naturally works up a sweat or more!

So, the next time you sweat a lot… and decide to put an extra slice of that yummy chocolate cake in your mouth, think twice!