Tetra Terrafauna



1). Should Tetra Terrafauna Sizzlestones be the only source of heat for a reptile?
No. Sizzlestones provide belly heat, which aids in digestion. They also give the animal a warm place to curl up during night when other heat sources are off. So they are necessary. However, all reptiles need some source of ambient heat such as an incandescent light, for survival.
2). What is the difference between the various Tetra Terrafauna vitamins?
Vitalife is a daily vitamin for all reptiles. Reptocal is a concentrated calcium:phosphorous supplement for larger reptiles such as iguanas and tortoises. Reptovit is a basic vitamin and glucose supplement that provides a short term benefit for le thargic or poorly eating reptiles. All three of these vitamin supplements are in powder form and can be sprinkled on food. Our fourth vitamin supplement, Reptisol, is a vitamin formula meant for daily consumption, but since it is in liquid form it can be added to drinking water or administered orally.
3). Should Tetra Terrafauna Vitafly and Vitaworm be a reptile's only source of food?
No. Vitafly and Vitaworm are meant as treat foods only. Also tasty to amphibians and fish.
4). How often should a reptile be treated with Mite Rx?
As a preventative, once a week in the cage should be adequate. As a treatment, once daily.
5). Can a reptile be burned by a hot rock such as the Tetra Terrafauna Sizzlestone?
Only if it is placed directly under another heat source such as an incandescent light. Most heat rocks are made out of materials which can absorb heat just like concrete or asphalt in sunshine.
6). Does Tetra Terrafauna have a thermometer specifically for reptiles; with a larger range of temperatures?
Yes. Our Broad Range Thermometer has a range of 62 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.
7). Is there a difference between Tetra Terrafauna's Hermit Crab Cakes and Hermit Crab Meal?
Yes. Hermit Crab Cakes are a crunchy fish meal containing high protein, vitamins, and minerals.
8). What exactly is a full spectrum? Tetra Terrafauna Lights claim to have such a spectrum, but what is it?
It depends. Some people claim that a full spectrum only involves all the colors in a visual spectrum. An example would be a rainbow, which is a visual spectrum. Others claim full spectrum means the visual spectrum as well as UVA and UVB wavelengt hs. Technically speaking, a true full spectrum should contain all the colors in a visual spectrum, UVA, UVB, and UVC spectrums, plus radio waves, micro waves, etc.. The Tetra Terrafauna Day Cycle Incandescent Lamp is a full spectrum lamp in the visual spectrum, which also emits UVA rays. The Day Cycle Fluorescent Lamp emits energy throughout the visual spectrum as well as the UVA and UVB spectrums.
9). What is the shelf life of Tetra Terrafauna Medications?
Six months if opened. One year if unopened.
10). How long do Tetra Terrafauna Iguana foods last?

Reed's Iguana/Tortoise Food should last up to three months if opened, and one week when fed free choice in a large, open bowl. LandTurtle/Iguana Food lasts two weeks, if refrigerated when opened, and one day when fed.