Tetra Second nature


1).        Should my Whisper Power Filter be rattling?

No. You need to contact Tetra/Second nature and order new rubber bushings for your impeller.

2).        Why is my Whisper Power Filter backflowing?

You need to either change your Bio Bag filter cartridge, clean the filter unit itself, or there is too much filtering media in the Bio Bag cartridge.

3).        What causes a reduction in the flow of water from my Whisper Power Filter?

Generally, debris. Give the filter a good cleaning, but also check that your Impeller Assembly is spinning properly and that there are no cracks in the Wonder Tube or your 'O' rings.

4).        If my Whisper Power Filter stops working is my problem the energizer or the impeller assembly?

Most often, the filter only needs a good cleaning. Check around the impeller for hair, algae buildup, etc.. It also is a good idea to take the impeller assembly apart to see if there is anything wrapped around the shaft. Another possi bility would be worn rubber bushings. Make sure the Impeller Assembly is connecting properly to the Wonder Tube.

5).        How often should the Whisper Bio Bag filter cartridge be changed?

Every 2-3 weeks. The floss and frame can be re-used, but the carbon should definitely be replaced.

6).        How often should the Whisper Power Filter be cleaned?

Whenever the Bio Bag is changed.

7).        Where can Second nature replacement parts be purchased?

Through our consumer/dealer service, 1-800-858-3872, or 1-800-526-0650, ext. 2.

8).        Why is my Whisper Air Pump producing less and less air?

You may have a cracked diaphragm, water damage, broken armature, or a worn silaflex valve.

9).        What is the difference between the various lines of Tetra/Second nature Air Pumps?

The Supras are higher pressure pumps for deeper tanks. Also good for protein skimmers, ozonizers, etc. The Whispers produce more volume at a constant lower pressure (than the Supras). They are excellent for shallow tanks or running multiple tanks/items. The Challengers are an economy version of our Whispers.

10).      What is the difference between the original Tetra/Second nature Plantastics line and the new Plantastics Plus line?

Plantastics Plus is a denser, fuller line of plants.

11).      Why is the water backflowing in my new Tetra/Second nature Wet/Dry Filter?

This sometimes occurs when a new sponge is inserted into the filter. It may take some time for the sponge to absorb enough water to allow proper flow. You can also try dipping the sponge in the tank water, and squeezing it to soak up water.

12).      Why would the Flow Indicator Tube on a Tetra/Second nature Wet/Dry Filter indicate a clogged bag after a new one has been inserted?

You probably have a clog somewhere in the filter. Pay special attention to the Wonder tube.

13).      Why would the Flow Indicator Tube on a Tetra/Second nature Wet/Dry Filter draw air into the Wonder Tube?

Either the water level is too low, or the strainer is clogged.

14).      Is the Flow Indicator Tube absolutely necessary to operate a Tetra/Second nature Wet/Dry Filter?

No. It will operate without the Flow Indicator Tube.

15).      Water is barely moving through my brand new Tetra/Second nature Wet/Dry Filter. Is this normal and are my fish getting enough oxygen?

Yes, this is normal. It takes approximately three weeks for a Tetra/Second nature Wet/Dry Filter to completely establish itself. Until then, you may want to run an airstone in addition to the Wet/Dry Filter.

16).      Why would a Whisper Power Filter keep starting and stopping?

Most likely the rubber bushings (black rubber endcaps on each end) on the Impeller Assembly are wearing thin. This keeps the impeller assembly from connecting properly to the Wonder Tube, hence the starting and stopping effect.

17).      Why would a Tetra/Second nature Powerhead stop producing air bubbles?

A clogged air intake, air intake under water, or a broken aeration control knob.

18).      Why would a Whisper Power Filter only be able to pull water halfway up the Wonder Tube?

Check to see if there is a clog somewhere in the Wonder Tube, something wrapped around the Impeller Assembly, a hairline crack in the Wonder Tube, or a crack in the Flow Control Knob "O" Ring, or no water in the filter chamber.