Tetra Pond



1). Can MediFin and AquaRem be used together?
Absolutely no! As a regular practice, never mix any chemicals together.
2). Can two liners be glued together?
Yes. Our Tetra Pond PVC Liners can be glued using a special PVC adhesive with plasticizers. Oatey X15 is a brand name that is easy to find. Our Tetra Pond EPDM Liners can be joined together using uncured flashing tape.
3). What is the difference between the various Tetra Pond fish foods?
Tetra Pond Floating Sticks is a staple diet for all pond fish. Tetra Pond Koi Floating Sticks is a staple diet with color enhancers which meets all of the nutritional requirements of koi. Tetra Pond Koi Growth Food is for young, growing koi. Tetra Pond Wheat Germ Sticks should be fed when temperatures start dropping in the fall, and when they start increasing in the spring, for optimal digestibility, minimum water pollution, and conditioning the fish before/after winter. Tetra Pond Spirulina Sticks adds variety to the diet while enhancing color.
4). What sizes of pond pumps does Tetra Pond manufacture?
Two Submersible Pump/Fountain Kits. The larger one has a rate of 750gph and can be used to produce a waterfall or a fountain. The smaller one has a rate of 320gph and is generally used only for fountains. Both may be joined to filters instead of being used for fountains/waterfalls.
5). How often should a Tetra Pond Submersible Pump be cleaned?
It depends on how it is situated in the pond, what it is being used for, and how much debris falls in the pond. Generally, a pump needs cleaning whenever the rate of water movement slows.
6). Do Tetra Pond liners have warranties?
Yes. Our PVC line of liners has a 10 year warranty against defects in the material; our 45mil EPDM liners have a 20-year warranty against defects in the material, and our 73mil EPDM liners have a lifetime warranty against defects in the material. These warranties do not cover our bulk liners or mini rolls.
7). How are liner warranties handled by Tetra Pond?
We require a 12" x 12" sample of the allegedly defective area sent in to our main office in Blacksburg, Virginia. Once we receive the sample, if the liner does appear to be defective, we replace it as quickly as possible so you can get your pond re-established with as little trouble as possible.
8). Are Tetra Pond's plant fertilizers, Lily Gro, Lily Bloom, and Flora Fin, safe for fish?
Very much so.
9). Why can't Tetra Pond Koi Vital be used in indoor ponds?
Koi Vital adds many natural elements to your pond water that bring out the best in koi. One of those ingredients, iodine, can be overdosed. The sun naturally pulls iodine out of the water, thereby causing a need for Koi Vital to be added regularly to outdoor ponds. If used indoors on a regular basis, iodine may build up in the pond, causing various health problems for the koi.
10). Should the green side or the black side of Tetra Pond PVC Liners be placed facing upwards?
Actually, either side is fine. Most people prefer the black side because fish show up better against it. However, the green side does not absorb light as much as the black side, so it may aid in keeping algae levels low.
11). How can a consumer calculate what size Tetra Pond liner he needs for his pond?
The formula is as follows: length + (depth x 2) + (overlap x 2). Use the exact same formula to determine what width you require; simply replace length with width.
12). How can a consumer calculate the gallonage of his pond?

The formula for rectangular ponds is as follows: length x width x depth (in feet) = cubic feet; cubic feet x 7.5 = pond gallonage The formula for circular ponds is as follows: 3.14 x (1/2 diameter x 1/2 diameter) x depth = cubic feet; cubic feet x 7.5 = pond gallonage