Tetra Aquaristic

1). What is the shelf life of Tetra fish foods?

They do not spoil but they do lose nutritional value, so we recommend for unopened foods - 2 years, and for opened foods - 1 year.

2). What is the shelf life of Tetra test kits?

Unopened kits - 1 year. Opened kits - 6 months.

3). Can Tetra ammonia test kits be used with ammonia locking products?


4). Should ozonizers, UV sterilizers, lights, filters, and protein skimmers be on or off when using Tetra MarinOomed?

UV sterilizers and ozonizers should be left on, protein skimmers and lights off. Filters should continue to run without carbon.

5). How often can aquariums be treated with Tetra medications?

Dose once, remove carbon, wait five days, change 20% of your water, replace carbon in filter, wait 24 hours, remove carbon, and then redose, wait another five days. Do not use more than twice.

6). How do I get even distribution of bubbles across a Tetra Luft Diffuser?

Tighten or loosen the sections of the diffuser until you have the size bubbles you want, then leave the diffuser alone for several days. It takes time to "season" your new Luft Diffuser.

7). Will filter carbon pull Tetra Cichlid Vital or Blackwater Extract out of the water?

It will not pull all of the Cichlid Vital or Blackwater Extract out, but it will reduce their effectiveness.

8). What is the difference between Tetra AquaSafe 2 in 1 and AquaSafe NH/CL?

AquaSafe 2 in 1 neutralizes chlorine and coats the fish body to protect against abrasions. AquaSafe 2 in 1 also relieves stress. AquaSafe NH/CL removes chlorine, breaks the chloramine bond, and helps to prevent disease.

9). Can Tetra Medicated Foodsticks be used together? Can they be used with water medications? Do they affect the biological filter?

Yes. Yes. No.

10). What is the difference between Tetra FloraPride, Hilena Initial, and Hilena Crypto?

Tetra FloraPride is a fertilizer for leaves/stems that should be used with every water change. Tetra Hilena Initial is a gravel additive which is administered when the aquarium is initially set up. Hilena Initial starts the natural aquarium off right. Tetra Hilena Crypto is a fertilizer for roots that should be used with every water change.

11). Does AquaSafe NH/CL remove ammonia?

It breaks the chloramine bond and binds the ammonia from that bond. It does not remove ammonia caused by excess food, debris, or fish.