Losing Weight as a Teenager

Make the right choice baby!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               You are a teenager and you have been told you need to lose weight, you believe you do. So what should you do? Life is all about choices; some need to be sensible and well thought out, considering tomorrow rather than just now.

So it eventually narrows down to one simple question:

Do you choose that luscious hot burger, oozing cheese and mayonnaise, the meat (or veggie cutlet) snuggled with tomatoes and pickles and onions between the halves of a white, sesame-sprinkled bun, or do you opt for that juicy apple, crunchy and sweet, its firm pale insides hidden behind the lovely red of its vitamin-laden peel?

Both sound good, you know one is food for the soul while the other is the sensible choice.

So how do you decide?

Start with the conventional thought of calories.

A medium-sized apple has about 80, give or take a few for size and the amount of sugar it contains, and so on. A burger is laden with calories - from the white bread to the melted cheese - about 300+ of them.

While the burger gives you more energy to burn than the apple, it also gives you that much more to burn OFF, which means more exercise to use up the calories you eat. Which means that if you don't burn them off, they accumulate and you eventually gain that much more weight by eating a burger than an apple.

Makes sense?

And then there is all the other good stuff that an apple packs in - fibre, vitamins and simple sugars, pectin and cellulose and more. The slice of tomato, the leaf of lettuce, the slice of pickle, the bleached flour - all that goes into making a burger cannot compete from that point of view.

Similar comparisons can be made with other fruit, be it an orange, a pear, melon, grapes, figs, whatever. The calorie count may vary, but the benefits are well known and always greater.

And then there is the aspect of food for the soul rather than the tummy but who is talking about that, right!