Tarzan Artists Through the Years



Jan. 1929-Jun. 1929
sunday strips 1930-1937
Hal Foster was a noted illustrator before he began working on the TARZAN strip. He went on to create PRINCE VALIANT, the adventure strip about a knight in King Arthur's court. With his knowledge of anatomy and design, and his passion for the medium, he became one of the foremost comic strip artists.

1929-1936, 1938-1947
The artist to work on TARZAN the longest (sixteen years), Rex Maxon went on to work as an illustrator for comic books and cowboy stories. While working on the TARZAN strip, Maxon also drew Burroughs' Jungle Girl, serialized for newspapers. He also worked for some of the detective pulps under the pseudonym R. Manning.

William Juhre illustrated pulp magazines like Amazing Stories, children's books like Whitman's Big Little Books, and also ghosted on the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers newspaper strips.

A noted comic book illustrator before taking on TARZAN, Dan Barry worked on Doc Savage for Pines. After serving in World War II, Barry worked for Fawcett on Captain Midnight and Gleason on Daredevil. After TARZAN, he was asked by King Features to revive the Flash Gordon comic strip.

A World War II hero (Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient), John Lehti was a staffer at Detective Comics (DC) working on titles such as The Crimson Avenger. After his TARZAN stint, Lehti went to Western where he worked on Lassie and Flash Gordon, and from 1954 to 1972 his Sunday comic, Tales From the Great Book (Bible adventure stories), was syndicated to newspapers.

Paul Reinman was a well-known illustrator for Archie, Marvel and National (DC) comics, working on such titles as Green Lantern, Hawkman, Ironman, X-men, The Avengers and Thor. He did freelance illustration for Harwyn's Encyclopedia, and in 1970 he received the Forbes Industrial Award for his watercolors.

Before TARZAN, Nick Cardy worked at Fiction House on Captain Wings, Senorita Rio and the Lost World. After TARZAN, Cardy illustrated for National (DC) comics on the Aquaman and Teen Titans titles and on Batman team-ups. Also a fine artist, his watercolors were exhibited in Paris. Cardy was also an advertising illustrator, portraitist, sculptor and puppet maker.

1950-1953 Bob Lubbers
1953-1967 John Celardo
1967-1973 Russ Manning
1973 Daily discontinued


Picking up the Sunday from Hal Foster,Burne Hogarth's TARZAN work became very popular. He went on to found the School of Visual Arts, still one of the country's foremost art schools, in New York City. His drawings, paintings and etchings have been exhibited in galleries around the world.

Bob Lubbers freelanced for pulp magazines and comic book companies such as Centaur (where he worked on Liberty Scout) before becoming art director at Fiction House. He then went to United Feature Syndicate to work on TARZAN and then Long Sam (written by Al Capp). He later ghosted for Capp on Li'l Abner.

A comic book artist for Eisner, Iger and Quality Comics, John Celardosometimes signed his work "John C. Lardo." Before his 13-year TARZAN assignment, Celardo worked at Fiction House, drawing Hawk and Red Comet. After TARZAN, he drew The Green Berets and Davy Jones strips and later was comics editor at King Features.

Drafted and sent to Japan in 1950, Russ Manning made maps and drew cartoons for the base newspaper. Discharged in '53, Manning then joined the art staff at Dell and worked on their entire line. In '65, he took over the TARZAN comic book and, subsequently, the newspaper strip.

During the 1940's Gil Kane freelanced for all the major comic book companies, working on titles like the Scarlet Avenger, Red Hawk, and Sandman. In the '50s Kane illustrated for crime, science fiction and war stories and comics. He later worked on Green Lantern, The Hulk, Thunder Agents, Conan, Spider-Man and on Warren's horror comics.

In 1972-3, Mike Grell assisted Dale Messick on Brenda Starr. He then worked for DC Comics on Aquaman, Legion of Superheroes, the Black Orchid and is credited with reviving the popularity of Green Arrow. Grell has also illustrated for educational text books and National Lampoon.


Gray Morrow has drawn the Tarzan Sunday strips since 1983. A comic veteran with 30 years experience in the business, Morrow's recent work includes two "how-to" books for aspiring cartoonists. He also created the comic book character "Mad Raven Stark" for Gladstone Publications.