MakeUp in Summer Season


Here’s how to get started –

In the summer, wipe your face with Lakme Astringent. In other seasons, rub your face with ice. This tightens the face and closes the pores.Apply a base (Lakme, Revlon, Maybelline, or L’Oreal). Choose one shade darker than your skin tone and preferably one with sun screen.

Enchanting EYES

It is said that ‘the eyes are the windows to one’s soul.’ Here are some tips to enhance them.

●     Take an eyebrow pencil and fill in the gaps or empty spaces, if any, in your eyebrows.

●     Then smoothly outline your eyes with Lakme eye definer.

●     Apply Maybelline Eye cool shadow with a brush and spread it evenly over the eyeball, eye socket, darkening it at the edges.

●     Then, apply Lakme Kohl pencil inside the eyes to enhance them for a complete look.

●     If you want the eyes to look bigger apply the Lakme or Maybelline volume mascara. You can apply two-three coats for a heavier look.





Cheerful CHEEKS

Highlighted cheekbones never go unnoticed. They define your face and sharpen your features.


  • The cheeks have to be highlighted with a darker shade of blush.
  • You can use the Liquid or Matte Lakme blush.
  • Begin by applying the blush on the apple of the cheeks moving towards the cheekbones in an upward motion.



Luscious LIPS

What more need we say about lips? They are one of the most attractive features of one’s face and the right colouring, shaping only adds to your face value.

●     Apply a lip balm to smoothen the lips.

●     Then, dab a little compact powder on your lips.

●     Take a lip pencil liner to outline the lips neatly.

●     Apply the same lip pencil inside the lips smudging it well with the lips itself.

●     Complete the look with the Maybelline diamond shine gloss.