Showers are the most common way for taking a bath. People who have sunken tubs and Jacuzzis in their washroom prefer to use showers for a quick bath. Only those who want to relax themselves with aroma oils and have lots of time usually choose pool baths. Showers are made in different designs and are available with beautiful faucets to give them an equally elegant look. Shower enclosures are also made with glass walls to keep the rest of the wash room neat and clean from water spraying around due to the shower.
Many people install both the things in their bath rooms, the sunken tubs and also the shower stalls. Here are a few different types of showers:

open shower design
The open shower design is the most common and mostly used type. It is the least expensive and the shower can be placed at any corner or any wall of the bath room with just enough space for a person to stand and take a bath conveniently.

tile walk in shower design
Many shower designs are set up in the style of glass cabins being installed in the bath rooms to make them look like a separate place for the shower purpose only. This cabin has two or even three walls of glass but one or two are the normal wall of the bath room. This wall can be adorned with the tiles according to one’s desire.

walk in shower with seats
The walk in shower with seats is the best for every member of the family. A small seat is attached at the back wall of the shower cabin which can be used for sitting and avoiding any kind of possibility to slip.

Walk in shower for disabled people
Showers that are designed for disabled people need to be hurdle less. The shower fixtures should be convenient and handy to use. The entrance and the space of the shower should not have any kind of obstacle in the way.

door less shower designs
The door less design of the showers allows a lot space in the bath room. With cabins the bath room looks smaller while the door les shower design makes it look bigger. This design is good for those who have a small sized bath room.

corner shower design
The corner shower looks very beautiful. It has about two walls of glass and two walls of the bath room are used in it. This style of the shower is in one corner of the bath room. The bath room looks neat and proper and it is a good option for comparatively small sized bathrooms.

The shower may be of any sort and it can follow any of the following themes:

the rustic shower theme
The rustic shower theme is supposed to be an inexpensive theme. The faucets and other metal items are of copper and look elegant.

the spa theme
This kind is a bit expensive as it has multiple shower taps. The colors used in it are usually light and whites.