The Self Dressing Toddler


For a toddler, the desire to dress themselves often comes well before their ability to do so arrives. For a toddler (and his parent) this can be very frustrating and will often lead into a tantrum. Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid one of the infamous toddler tantrums.

Buy right..

Buy clothes that will be easy for him to put on by himself. Pull on pants, shorts and t-shirts will help alot. Avoid buttons,snaps and zippers when possible.

A plan for success..

Strategize how you put his clothes away. If you let him choose what to wear, he may not be so insistant on dressing himself. Place matching outfits together, either hanging or in a dresser. If your toddler has trouble getting his clothes into position in order to dress himself, try getting him started and let him finish. Try playing the old you need "his" help game. (I can't pull these pants up. Can you help me?)

The Non-Self Dressing Toddler

Not every toddler has the desire to dress themselves. If this is your situation, not to worry. Your toddler probably just is not ready to tackle this accomplishment just yet. With some toddlers until they can do this task well, they would rather not do it at all. Here are some suggestions to help you encourage your child to dress himself.


Before you expect your toddler to dress himself head to toe, it's obvious that he will require some lessons. What seems obvious to you (shirts on top, pants on bottom) is not so obvious to your toddler. He just requires a little instruction from you before beginning.

Let him try...

Before you jump in to dress your toddler, always give him the opportunity to do so himself. At bathtime try suggesting to him that he get undressed and in the morning try laying out his clothes and don't offer your assistance unless he needs it.

Patience, Patience!...

Try teaching without pressuring. If your child isn't ready just yet..don't fret. He will accomplish this task later.