The Right Look For Office


Ever had a business meeting where the women across the table was saying all the right things, building castles in front of you, promising you the world, and yet you got this eerie feel, this 'call from within' that made you not trust her words? You were too busy taking note of the speck of dirt on the collar or the untied shoelace! Call it intuition or call it power of observation - a person's overall appearance and look does matter in your business decision! You may have broken your neck, your back and every other conceivable bone in your body pouring over those reports, preparing for that meeting, but if you didn't take care of your appearance, it all goes down the drain.


Personal Hygiene:

The first thing that strikes one is the general well-kept, neat look of another person. One may not notice the perfectly groomed hands but let one nail be out of place and you have had it! It seems to stand out like an old blemish! So take care, have your hands and feet perfectly manicured- no chipped nails and nail polishes. A person who doesn't have the time to take care of herself can never be considered capable enough to take care of corporate matters! Especially be careful of body odour, for there can be nothing worse than that! Make sure that you are wearing the perfectly tailored, clean and crisp clothes.


Make up:

Learn to vary your look according to the occasion.

●      Keep your make up minimal for the day-to-day office associations. The bare look is advisable if you have a clear skin. Otherwise, a slight touch-up with the powder and a very light touch of the lip-gloss or lipstick should do the trick. Eyeliner helps define your eyes but try and avoid the eye shadow for the daily associations. You don't want to look too made up, do you?


●      Regardless of the hairstyle, it should be neat. Locks falling on your face maybe very flattering for your face but are a hindrance when it comes to business associations.


●      A meeting over dinner or a cocktail in the evening allows you to dress up for the occasion- experiment with your hairstyle, curl up straight hair or straighten the curly ones! You could go in for the buns or else roller set the hair and let it fall naturally. Use the mascara and eye shadow to lend depth to your eyes but remember to be judicial in the use. Be careful of the colours as well. A silver or blue or green liner may look fabulous at a party but try and avoid it at the business meeting. Keep the overall look toned down.