One Night Stands


The ‘Guy’ Thing…

‘Guys have only one thing in mind’, ‘It’s obvious what he really wants from you’, are both common statements girls tend to hear from peers and elders alike. And these comments aren’t ever selective or thought-out. They seem to universally apply to the entire male population of this planet in general. The question is – ‘Is this really an accurate assumption to make. The answer – probably.’

Of course, generalizations are superfluous and irrational; we’ve all heard that one before. But, truly, more guys are interested in one-night stands than the quintessential long-term relationship. Long-term affairs, associated with monstrous words like ‘commitment’ and ‘love’ are taboo nowadays.

A close friend of mine went out with this guy she met at a party a coupla’ times. The third or fourth time she went out alone with him, they got intensely physical. The next day she was, quite literally, walking on air. She claimed to be ‘in love’ and assured us that she had found her ‘ideal match’. He didn’t call her, however, in the course of that day or the next. And the next. When an entire week went by without a word from him, she called him up and received a cool, aloof response. In effect, she had already been ‘conquered’, and was now of no excitement value for him.

What is important here is to know what you are in for and why you are in it. If you are expecting a long-term relationship, then make sure your partner feels the same. You should not hurt yourself. If pleasure is what you want, then do it. But be prepared for the consequences and the effect it will have on you and your near and dear ones.

Be Responsible…

Many people feel that one nightstands are therapeutic in some way or the other, and that they can do wonders for a bruised ego, or even a trampled upon heart. Sex per se is not wrong or even dirty but frivolous and irresponsible sex can do more harm than good. The idea is to be accountable for your acts. Besides the obvious side effects such as STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), one of which is AIDs, and pregnancy due to inadequate birth control, one-night stands can also lead to immense feelings of emotional and mental discomfort. If you are a responsible adult you will enjoy all that you do, or else you would regret. Make your choice.