Office Romance: Boon or Bane?



What do you do when you fall in love with a coworker? You have two options: either go for it or refuse. While the scenario of a blossoming office romance picture may seem perfect, the reality can be quite different. Here's what you should think of before getting into a relationship at the workplace:

  • Your work performance may get affected: Being in love can often hamper your productivity. Instead of thinking about the company's facts and figures, you might be busy admiring your girlfriend's figure. Such distractions can also cost you your job, so beware of falling prey to cupid at the office.
  • You are going to give rise to gossip: A budding romance is often a hot topic for gossipmongers. And even though you may have a, "I don't care" attitude, the fact is that the situation will certainly make you uncomfortable with your colleagues.
  • Who you are dating: If you are dating the boss then your co-workers may feel uncomfortable talking candidly with you. You might just find yourself excluded form activities, such as coffee breaks, chatting and gossip sessions.
  • Is it really worth it? You might not want to think about it right now but this is something that you need to consider. What if you do end the relationship? The last person you would want to see after the break up is the person with whom you have actually ended your relationship. Then you will be left with just two choices: either be strong and mature and forget that any of this happened and deal with the person just as you used to, (something which is very difficult and very unlikely). Or, leave the job to avoid any further embarrassment. Here you would be putting your career at risk? Are you willing to do this?
  • Flirtation or harassment: Innocent flirtations can often be misconstrued as sexual harassment. Basically any repeated, unwelcome, sexual attention refers to as sexual harassment. Despite repeated warnings, if somebody is still being too attentive, it's time you took a firm stand. Keep in mind that your actions are welcome by the other person. Remember that while flirting is welcome and fun, harassment is certainly not.

Always keep these consequences at the back of your head before embarking on any relationship, especially one at the workplace. You may lose your relationship, job and career in just one stroke of bad luck. And you wouldn't want that, would you?