Natural Gas Stoves


Advantages of Natural Gas Stoves

Natural Gas Stoves

The most basic and the easiest way to heat your house is by installing a real fire place and using logs to provide you warm air. It not only makes your house look beautiful but also gives a feeling which cannot be achieved even if you purchase the most efficient heating system. Experiencing real flames on a cold winter night in your house is indescribable. Though placing a real fire place means a lot of hard work but all of this could be made a lot easier with the natural gas stoves. Natural gas stove gives you the opportunity to experience all of it but with an easy and comfortable approach. Advantage of natural gas stove is that it gives a finishing touch to your house and resembles the looks of real fire place.

Different types of Gas stoves:

There are a lot of different gas stoves available in the market such as freestanding stove, the zero clearance type of stove and the natural gas fireplace. Freestanding stoves are most popular among this category because it can stand independently that is without any kind of support. Over the recent years pot bellied stove has become increasingly popular and a number of people tend to buy it. This is majorly because of the fact that you could fix one of these in the existing fireplace.

Stoves can work perfectly if there is a chimney as it could take the fumes out of the house. Vents could be used in chimneys using metal flue. A good thing about it is that stoves could be efficient in one hand and on the other hand give you very realistic scenery. As a result we can conclude that the advantages of a natural gas stove are unmatchable.

Cost of a natural gas stove:

Natural gas stoves come in various sizes and have different price tags. The cheapest could cost around $500 while it can go up to $2500. The ones which are more artistic and good looking are a bit expensive but on the other hand they make your room look even prettier. But you should be clear in your mind whether you want a freestanding stove or the one which needs to fitted in a fireplace with a existing chimney. One of the most important decision before the purchase of a natural gas stove is whether you want to buy a one which has circulating heat pipe or the one that uses radiant heat. The difference between the two is that circulating stove transmits the air through vents while radiant type of stove transmits the heat into the room from front therefore warming the room much quicker.

A stove which cost about $1000 can give 23000 BTU output and is sufficient enough for medium sized houses. It comes with adjustable flame control and ember logs. Other models cost around $500 and include gas logs, concealed controls and dual burner. Most of the new models of gas stoves now come with electric ignition as a result heating the room much quicker. Therefore one of the major advantages of a natural gas stove is that it can heat up the room much quicker than the wood burning stove.