Fishes - Nasty Piranhas



O.k.! Now for the NASTY part! This page is dedicated to helping you understand what makes the piranha so darn mean!

Everyone's heard the myths about piranha teeth. I don't really think that there's a person alive that doesn't know what a piranha is----and that's all because of THESE:

These are the teeth of a very small baby or "juvenile" piranha.(black piranha--s. niger) If you'll notice, the teeth from the top mesh into the gaps in between the teeth on the bottom. It is very similar to a bear trap in configuration. This forms a perfect cutting tool. The teeth of the piranha are MUCH sharper than the teeth of a shark, as the piranhas teeth are made for the sole purpose of cutting off chunks of flesh.

�My largest piranha (around 10 inches) could easily fit two or three of my fingers in his mouth at once. Some piranhas, such as the dangerous s. Piranha, can grow to over 2 feet in length! One that size could possibly clip off your whole arm!

�Make no mistake, piranhas are not any more aggressive than any other carnivorous fish, they just have those special teeth. Here are the teeth of a very old piranha. As you can see, the teeth have been worn from years of hunting (usually getting a large mouthful of gravel along with its intended victim).

As you may have seen, piranhas have a single row of teeth in the formation of a bear trap. Piranhas teeth are not made to hold a fish or chunk of meat, and often I have noticed with my own piranha that: when the piranha does try to "hold" it's prey in its mouth(rarely) It usually escapes(with several puncture holes spewing blood) from the piranha momentarily, as the piranhas teeth cannot grasp properly.

The piranhas’ teeth are surely a fascinating tool, and no doubt have led to the reputation of the piranha. While many of the myths of piranha are false, several of them are true. I've personally seen footage of a large bird land in a river of hungry red bellied piranhas. It swam free for about 5 seconds before the water erupted around it as hundreds of piranhas ferociously attacked it. Splashes from the attacking piranhas turned the river into a bubbling mess. The river looked as though a huge hailstorm hit the river all of a sudden; the splashes rose above the water several feet! After around 20 seconds, all that was left of the poor bird was half a wing with a few feathers sticking out. It was eaten down to the bone, but the piranhas still picked at it. What a way to die!