Mudroom storage ideas


How to store more in less space

Mudrooms are the best place to stack up all the excess stuff of the house. If it is kept neat and clean then things are easier to find and the mud room can be used multi purposely as well. The mud room can be built in a very stylish manner and decorated nicely as well. The paints should be neat and bright so that the room looks spacious and bright rather than dull and dreary. It would feel good if the mud room doesn’t look like a junk yard as it is the first room that one enters when they come home and the last place while leaving the house. Here are a few items that a mudroom can hold easily:

 ●       Key holder

A small key holder can be attached near to the door of the mud room. This key holder can hold all kind of keys used in the house. This would help in keeping all the keys of the house at one place and not to look for keys here and there or in drawers. In houses where there are kids, keys are easier to get lost. A key holder in the mud room is a safe as well as a good place to keep keys handy and easy to find.

 ●       Shoe Sorter

The mud room can hold all kind of shoes. There is no need to carry shoes all over the house and get the whole place dirty. The mud room is a good place where one can change their indoors and out doors shoes easily. One doesn’t need to stack shoe sin cupboards in every room. A nice shoe rack in the mud room can keep the shoes. This way the muddy and soiled shoes can stay with all the dirt in the mudroom. As they say that the dirt stops in the mudroom.

 ●       Hanging closet

A nice hanging closet is the best option for one in the winters. It can keep all the wet rain coats and skiing parkas in it.

 ●       Sports equipment storage

The mudroom is the best place for keeping out door sports equipment. All the rugby, baseball, basket ball, etc gears can be easily stacked up in some corner cupboards or old trunks.

 ●       Gardening tool shed

The gardening tools like the lawn mower, the wheel barrow and other gardening things can be stacked in the mud room but it depends on the size of the room. It should also have an extra door near the garden which would make the tools easier to use.

 ●       Plumbing tool set store

Plumbing tool set can be placed in a box in the mudroom which would be easier to locate in time of need.

 ●       Old book shelves

Old and new books can be placed in the mud room. Small racks can be put up and it can serve as a small library as well. Old books that seem like junk to many while dear treasure to others can be placed in a trunk in the mud room.

 ●       Paint and hardware storage room

All kind of extra paint drums, paint brushes or wall paper stuff and other carpenter tools can be placed in the mud room where they are easily accessible.