Mudroom Laundry Room Floor Plans


Tips on mudroom laundry flooring plans                   

Mudroom is where you remove your shoes and coats that were dirty and wet because of what you have gone outside. So you must really consider the flooring that you will put on the mudroom area.


Flooring for the laundry mudroom area where you also extend your laundry area must be durable. Tiles are widely recommended over vinyl when it comes to flooring because it can last for a long time and it is easier to clean as well.


Mudroom has a lot of functions so you will need proper floor drainage to make you manage wet clothes or shoes whenever it pours. You can choose various colors for the flooring but I will suggest having a light color for your flooring to brighten the room if lighting options that you have in that area is limited.


You can also use a pocket door to save space or a conventional door where you can use it as storage by adding hooks for bags, hats or broom and dust pan. It will always be helpful to put all your items in a spot where it is very easy to locate or get.

Proper finishing and fixture is necessary to use your mudroom area well. With proper flooring and fixture you can use your mudroom area with ease although lots of items are contained in it.


Consider the size of the area. Measure the mudroom area to avoid spending money on floorings that you can’t use. You must also think of the colors within the house as well as the furniture you put within the mudroom area. They must match with your flooring colors to make a more suitable and fantastic design. Make sure that kind of flooring you have purchased is not slippery when a drop of water goes with it. You really don’t want to get slipped with your dirty and wet clothes and shoes on as well as those little kids, if there’s any to get fractured bones because of the wrong choice of flooring that you have fixed on the mudroom area.


Think of flooring deals that suits your needs. Consider the price, the package, and the quality. Some people make the mistake of buying a stylish and cool look of floorings but at the end they have to buy another one because the quality of the tile doesn’t match their needs. You need to choose flooring for mudroom as strong as they can be. We are talking dirt, wet stuffs, muddy shoes, and heavy equipments like sports equipments here. So you need to think of those first rather choosing and being amazed by several designs you see online.


If you are going to buy for the flooring of your mudroom, do a little survey first. Ask and find out what is the strongest and most fit for mudroom flooring. You can elaborate your needs and extend it to a laundry room. Just keep your budget and find out what is the best deal you can look for your mudroom laundry flooring plans.