Mudroom Floor Plans

Get to Know Some Mudroom Floor Plans


What is a Mudroom?

A mudroom is a place which is built in some houses to keep the house clean from the mess. They are usually built in the regions where there is muddy outside to keep all the outdoor coats, shoes, mufflers to keep the house clean. They also serves as a great place to keep the backpacks, purses, umbrellas, jackets, car keys, boots and similar other things due to which they are ideally located at the entrance of the house or with the garage.


Mudroom Floor Plans

While looking for a house, you need to look out for the mudroom and its floor plans. The floor plans are a good thing to look for as required to clean the floors so the materials should be tiles, linoleum or concrete.  Carpets in this area should be avoided as it would get dirty easily. Since the main motive of this room is to observe cleanliness so the floors should be of something which can easily cleaned.

While making the mudroom floor plans, you need to leave some space for the mudroom benches or a chair so that you can sit easily and remove your muddy accessories like boots, socks, clothes, overcoats etc. This is an ideal way to get the layer of dirt and mud off you before entering the home.

Also the floor should not be in the whole room, you can leave some space for the cabinets. Try making separate cabinets for all the things like separate shoe rack for shoes, shelves of cap hangers and hooks for hanging the coats and purses. The flooring should be done after the cabinets have been made.

Once you have decided the floor settings like tiles or concrete you can also add floor rugs and floor cushions on it for children. It is especially good for the bigger homes having a big mudroom. You can read the morning newspaper, wait for the school/college bus or guests, talk on the phone, last minute grocery lists check or simply hide in it from the siblings etc. For all these things, you can rest on the bench or on the floors cushions.

The mudroom can also be made as a mudroom plus laundry room and for that you can made drainage in it. It is a good idea as the dirty muddy clothes can be washed in the same room. You can add additional hanging closet or wires to hang the clothes. Since the mudroom is designed to keep the mud away from the house when it is rainy or stormy outside so having the laundry room with the mudroom is ideal for such areas. And for that you would be required some extra things in the room like washing machine, sink, water connection and most important a drainage connection so that the laundry water can easily be drained.

Keeping these factors in mind, you can keep the house clean and it is highly important to look out for the various mudroom floor plans according to home needs. So whether you reside in a big home or a small home you need to look for these mudroom floor plans.