Ideas for Decorating your Mudroom


How can you make your Mud Room look good?

Mud room is a room in your house where all the extra items are stored. These extra items does not meant that they should be thrown away, rather things like rain coats, skiing shoes, etc the things that cannot be placed in a bedroom can easily be placed in the mud room. This place is handy as well as being right in the beginning of your house and it keeps all the mud and dirt in it.

Yes it is called the mud room because it is right in the beginning of the house and one can change his/her dirty, muddy shoes there and keep the rest of the house free from the out side weather effects.

Here are a few things that can make your mud room look nice and a better place than a store room:


  •      Paint

As it seems by the name of the mud room that it would be a dark and dreary place, it can change its impression by the color of its walls. The paint of the walls should not be black or any other dark or dull color. White or off white are perfect colors. I would not suggest wall paper as most of the walls would be covered with things or racks. So a bit of plain here or there would look good.


  •      High racks

High racks can be drilled into the walls. These racks can vary in size and height according to the size of the room. The high racks can be used to place all kind of extra tins that can be used to put in nails and other carpenter or plumbing tools. The rack sides can be adorned with nice decent left over Christmas buntings from the past year.

  •      Shoe racks

Shoe racks can be placed at one end, preferably near the door of the mud room so that muddy shoes do not spoil the whole floor. The shoe racks can vary in number as they must be able to hold all kinds of shoes from ski’s to skates to walking shoes.

  •      A cupboard

A cupboard would be a good option to place in a mud room. It should not be some thing too big or too little but just enough that it looks good in the room and doesn’t make the room look too full. It can hold all the coats and skiing parkas.

  •      A bench

A bench can make the room look good. It would be a good place for children to sit and play. Hence it can also serve as a shoe rack of built with an open rack under it.

  •      A trunk

A chest like a treasure trunk can be placed in the mud room. This trunk can be filled with old books or other extra items of the house.

  •      Hooks

Hooks can be placed on walls. These hooks are a good option instead of a cupboard for the hanging of daily usage outdoor coats.


A mud room can be decorated with furniture and things according to ones desire. It is not necessary that the room looks like a mud room, it has actually taken the place of the old times attic. Simply keeping your mudroom neat and clean may be the best decorative thing.