Mudroom Bench


Mudroom Benches and their uses

A mud room is basically a small secondary entry in suburban American house used for keeping footwear or wet coats before properly entering the house.

A mudroom bench is a sort of bench or place to sit and take off one’s shoes or wet clothes or coats.


These benches have some uses such as:

  • They keep all the mess out.
  • They help in keeping the entryway organized and neat.
  • Many extra things can be stored in them.
  • It serves as a place for keeping footwear and outerwear thus, helping keep the house clear of these things. It’s always easy to know that when leaving or entering the house your things are easily accessible to you.
  • They act as another cabinet for storing things.


While getting mudroom benches made in a house the following things should be kept in mind:

  • A tray should be kept in front of the bench so that any mud or water from clothes or shoes can be accumulated in it.
  • The height of the bench should be ideal for all family members to sit on it whether older members or young ones.
  • The lower part of the bench should be covered or drawers should be made so that shoes can be kept in them. These drawers can be used to cater storage of blankets, bed sheets and towels.
  • Hooks should be placed on the top wall of the benches to hang rain coats especially wet ones.
  • A key holder or pocket can be placed above the bench to hang keys and keep important papers and mail in it.
  • A cushion can be placed on top of the bench to make it comfortable to sit on.
  • A rug should be kept near it to wipe one’s shoes on it.
  • The bench can be designed in any way one likes and should match the color of the walls around it.
  • Lockers can be made so that they cater as a personalized storage space for each member.
  • Wood or metal can both be used to make them.
  • They can be kept as compact as possible and even as large as one chooses.

Although, they look like not of much importance but they cater to storing a lot of items and play a very integral role in keeping the house clean and organized. Nowadays many options are available for designing everything similarly it is a great fun to design and place these benches according to one’s will. Prices also vary as if you decide to buy readymade benches it may be of higher price. One can always opt for a reasonable one or a lavish one according to one’s house. Even though it takes lesser space but every inch of it is very useful. The best thing is that people have come up with such creative ways to keep things organized that it is now not a problem to design, build or make space for things!