Motherhood With A Difference


Scared about adopting a kid? A good substitute to adoption if foster motherhood. Here’s the story of Meera Arora, who is a mother to several needy kids, without being their actual mother.


Meera’s life revolved round her husband and children till she met a friend who suggested her to get associated with adoption agency as a foster mother. A foster mother takes care of the babies given to her by the adoption agency which she is associated with, till they are adopted. A foster mother nurtures the babies at her home, for which she gets financial assistance from the agency. Those adoption agencies having space constrains keep the babies with foster mothers.


Armed with two diplomas in child development Meera was confident of performing the task well. After discussing about it with her family members she said 'yes' for the cause. The same friend later introduced her to a local adoption agency. The agency after conducting a ‘home’ study at Meera's home, gave a green signal to her, to be their foster mother.


"We were staying at Santacruz and my children were still in school when I started with it. The adoption agency handed me a 20-day-old baby, a girl child, and then there was no looking back. Ten years have passed since took the first child for foster care", says 46-year-old Meera Arora.


A Difficult Task


It was a difficult experience initially for Meera even though she had her own children, and these babies were weak and immune to several illnesses. But she learnt the art within few days. The most arduous task was to make these babies survive as within few months they are usually given for adoption by the agency. "Children who come to me are mostly weak and feeble, I see to it that each child gets a lot of medical attention, love and care, as a child needs them in abundance'' she added.


Meera has a full time maidservant to help her. Her family members are also extremely supportive to her. She usually has three to four babies under her care and has managed to help them grow strong and healthy. She has had her tough experiences, when several babies have been in a serious condition and needed the doctor at midnight.


Meera encountered the biggest challenge of her life when she along with her family decided to take a HIV positive baby under their care. Not only her friends stopped visiting her place but also tried to advice her against keeping the baby. But with strong determination and support from her family she handled the case and came out successfully. The baby was later tested to be HIV negative. Meera regards this as one of the greatest achievement of her life.


Meera has at times encountered difficulties from the society. “I hear nasty comments from people around me when I go out with these children. They are surprised to see so many children with me,” she adds.


“One needs to have a lot patience, a deep-rooted interest in and love for children to become a good foster mother,” Meera feels. She has given up her social life. It's been years she has attended any family function but feels content and happy with her life, which she has dedicated for experiencing a different kind of motherhood. "How many people are fortunate enough to enjoy life with innocent babies all round'', she asks.


Meera and her family members have a special place in their hearts for these children as while glancing through their home one finds memoirs of those children who have been nurtured by them. Till date she has nurtured more than 150 children. Motherhood gives meaning to life because you give life to a kid. What if you give life to several kids who are not even your own? Consider it.