Mobile Fashion


It's all about fashion on the move!

Today, the choice of your mobile phone has more to do with your personality and taste rather than functionality or price. From the flip top Motorola's right out of Star Trek to the feature packed 'human' Nokias, and everything in between, there's a mobile phone to fit everyone's personality. Most rival companies offer the same technologies and features - it's the packaging that makes all the difference! So check out the new models as soon as they hit the market - there's got to be one that's just right for you.

Ericsson KF 788 Digital Phone

This phone works on two TDMA digital systems, as well as the Analog system with its Triple Mode function. It is very small and convenient and easy to use. Features include a vibration option, active flip, caller ID and intelligent roaming.

Motorola V-3620 (Vader)

This is probably the smallest phone made in the world today. It is an analog phone with too many features to name including Vibra Call, and a built in answering machine! It has multiple battery configurations allowing up to a 4-hour talk time. Considering its size, the keypad is actually very easy to use, as the buttons are quite large. This phone is for heavy hitters!!!

Motorola Star Tac 7760

This is a CDMA Dual mode phone. This works on the digital as well as analog systems. Features include a large easy to read display, Vibra Call, and 100 number phone book. Multiple Battery configurations are available, and claim up to 110 hours of standby time.

Nokia 6120 Digital Phone

This phone works on both TDMA 800 (digital) and Analog networks with its Dual Mode feature. Other features include phone book, games, calculator, caller ID, clock and calendar as well as 35 distinctive ring tunes. This phone comes with a standard NiMh battery.

Match It Up!

How do make your mobile look cool on you? Well here are a few easy tips.

  • For starters, change the colour of your phone according to your outfit. Choose a funky yellow, orange or even red to match your denims. For your formal trousers, keep it simple black or blue.


  • You can also match it with you bag and other accessories.


  • A hip orange may look nice in a disc, but for a corporate party it will surely look out of place. If you have the dough, change the size of you phone according to the occasions. For formal occasions, go for sleek, tiny ones. They gel with your clothes and avoid getting that undue attention.


You can also choose from a variety of mobile covers and belt clips. Leather again is ideal for formal days. The rest is up to you, go on experiment.