Looking less than perfect hours before a big party? Try these quick cannot miss rescues.


The perfect facial

The problem - Want a quick fix to boost lackluster skin?

Speedy solution - Try a home facial.

1.   Start by thoroughly cleansing your skin. Then massage in an exfoliator.

2.   Then steam the face. Using a blackhead remover, press around and get the impurities out.

3.   Follow this with a deep cleansing or moisturizing mask.

Dry Skin: To hydrate dry skin.

Mix one tablespoon of honey with one whisked egg yolk.


Oily Skin: Beat one egg white until frothy then add three teaspoons of finely ground oatmeal.

Normal skin: Put some almonds in a blender and grinding them to a fine consistency. and apply the mixture to the face and neck.


Acne: Cut up a fresh coconut and grind it into a chunky paste. Apply to your skin and let set. You can also use tea tree oil to the spot. For best results, remove the mask with a hot muslin cloth.

1.    Next, it is time to moisturise. An enriching day cream gives your skin a real moisture boost.

2.    For a really fresh, glowing complexion, try to follow this routine every week.

Miss perfect nails

The problem - Brittle nails

Speedy solution – Apply nail oil regularly.  The oil will strengthen the cuticles and nails, encouraging them to grow, plus it will hydrate and nourish brittle or dry nails.

The problem – Tired of the old French manicure

Speedy solution – Try a new trend.  For example, mettalics are very big right now. A subtle shade will elongate the nail and add a hint of glamour.           If you like the two-colour effect of a French manicure, try ditching the normal white tips and go for gold.

The problem – No time for a salon manicure

Speedy solution- Try a DIY home manicure

First remove all polish with a treated acetone-free remover.  Next, file nails with a soft-grade natural nail file. File nails from the outer edge to the centre into a ‘squoval’ .  Buff your nails to bring out natural shine, Do this once a month – any more will strip natural oils and thin the nail bed.  Massage in a drop of nail oil and some

hand cream, and your nails will look salon-perfect.

Put your best foot forward

The problem - Cracked heels.

Speedy solution – Treat yourself to a pedicure


•     Take off old nail polish.

•     Fill a bowl with warm water and add a foot soak containing peppermint.  Soak for 5-10 minutes, and then apply a foot scrub.

•     You could also use some sea salts which will energise and soften.


•     Rinse your feet.

•     Rub the hard skin on your heels and soles with foot file.  Or use a pumice stone.


•     Massage in a dab of cuticle cream or oil around your nail beds and gently push back the skin with a wood stick. 

•     Clip your nails straight across and gently file the sharp sides.  Then apply a moisturising foot lotion.

•     Wet two towels in hot water. Wrap the towels around your feet and leave them on for 3 to 5 minutes


•     Next wipe nails with a cotton pad.  Use an alcohol-based remover to kill germs and dry the nail.

•     Apply the base coat (transparent nail polish) wait for a minute and apply one coat of you colour, wait for three minutes and apply second coat. 

Before going to bed, cover your feet with a thick layer of moisturizing cream, and put on socks.


Groom your brows

The problem - Bad eyebrows.

Speedy solution - Two of the greatest beauty crimes are overplucked or neglected eyebrows.  By rethinking your eyebrow regime, eyes can appear bigger, brighter and more awake and youthful.  

Arch in style

•     Use the natural shape of your brow as a guide to shaping and maintaining them.

•     The eyebrow should rise by two thirds and fall by one third.  The outside corner must not be lower than the inside corner. 

•     Length is also important.


•     Pluck one hair at a time.The aim is elevation, so try not to pluck from above.

Visit a good beautician or brow bar for an initial eyebrow – shaping, which you can then maintain at home between visits.

Colour magic

Choosing the right hair colour for your brows can be tricky.  Gurlz advises you choose a shade or two darker than your natural colour.

Party perfect lips and eyes

The problem – Overdone eyes and mouth?

Speedy solution - Pick your eyes or your mouth. The biggest mistake gurlz make when putting on make-up is that they highlight both the eye and the mouth. You need to pick one or the other and downplay what you rejected.

A lick of paint

As to choosing lipsticks, the five basic formulas are sheer, shimmer, cream, matte and long-lasting. If you choose to focus on your lips, you will want to go bright. Red is hot for parties, as are dark pinks. Just stay away from brown.


1. Make-up should only go on a freshly washed and moisturised face.

2. Have bright, even light in front of your mirror.

3. Blend. Blend. Blend. Whether it is foundation, blush, or eye colour: no hard, drawn lines.


Pink complexions should not wear pinkish foundations. No way. Not ever!

Do not wear dark lipliner and a lighter lip colour.


When it comes to colour, take direction from you hair, rather than from your eyes or your clothes. Or not!