Magneto Therapy


When most people think of magnets, they think of those small, funny-shaped things used to stick family pictures onto to the refrigerator; but, if the truth be known, latest research of magnet receptors in the human brain has confirmed what the ancient Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greeks always knew and practiced, that magneto therapy facilitates the body's own natural healing capabilities. This therapy is especially effective as a treatment for various painful conditions, such as sprains, muscular pains, arthritis, headaches and backaches, inflammation of the nerves and of tendons, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


How does this work?


There are two kinds of magnets:

1.    Permanent Magnets - produce a steady magnetic field and are placed on the area causing discomfort. These work by: Blocking the pain by stimulating nerve endings creating charged particles in the blood. thereby producing heat and dilating blood vessels Acting on iron in the blood to increase the blood's ability to carry the oxygen

2.    Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Magnets - have been scientifically shown to promote bone growth and are approved by the FDA for treatment of hard-to-heal fractures. There are also claims that this kind of magneto therapy can aid in increasing ones height, if conducted under proper supervision before the age of 16.


Though Magneto Therapy is extremely effective in relieving painful ailments, it should never be regarded as a substitute for medical consultation with your doctor.