Liquid Petroleum Furnace


LP Furnace

Liquid Petroleum Furnace

Getting a heating system installed in your house requires good amount of your time investment. One needs to look at all the alternatives and at all the options before he selects the one which is suits his requirement the best. Most people prefer buying a gas heating system but recently liquid petroleum furnaces have made their mark in the market. Liquid petroleum furnaces are also known as propane gas furnaces. LP furnaces work on the same physics as gas furnaces. They also possess a heat exchanger, a gas valve and a burner.

Advantages of a Liquid petroleum furnace over gas furnace:

It automatically saves you money as it is economical and propane is cheaper power source. Liquid petroleum furnaces are easy to maintain and provide consistent and reliable performance. They are less expensive to run because the LP furnaces could run at least 8 to 10 years longer than their counterparts. Therefore it saves you money in the long run. In a recent survey it was concluded that propane costs about half that of electricity per BTU. They can even heat a thankful of water quicker than its counterparts.

Most of the LP furnaces come with a 95% AFUE rating therefore showing how efficient a propane furnace could be. It saves a large amount of money on power bills. Newer models of LP furnace are coming with a variable blower speed option. It is something which the buyers should consider while buying such products. Blower speed option gives you more flexibility and helps you maintain an accurate temperature for a longer duration and for a larger are.

Most of the LP furnaces also come with safety system fitted in them. It shut downs the system automatically if something is malfunctioning and if there is a probability of damaging the system. Newer LP furnace models even have a automatic thermostat which turns on the system and shuts it down on the prescribed timings. This can result in having your house heated up before anyone is out of their bed and keeps the house warm for long durations.

Cost of LP furnaces:

Different models with different capacities vary in price. But however a good quality Liquid petroleum furnace with a capacity of 21500 BTU cost around $1500 while another model with lesser capacity costs around $1300 and gives 18000 BTU output.

What types of Liquid Petroleum furnaces are most common?

The most common types of LP furnaces in the market are combo heaters, wall furnaces and central furnaces. Central heating systems are most popular among all these types because they provide maximum safety and utilize the space in the best possible manner. They give you the option to either get them placed in a closet or they could even be installed ways unlike others. Liquid petroleum furnaces come with flappers which are installed in flue such that they trap the residual heat within it when the heat demand is fulfilled. And when you need to switch it back on these flappers open and let the combustion fumes out. So as a result of it burners could only be ignited when flappers are opened therefore consuming energy.