living room ideas two




Stand Out Luminarias

Dust off canning jars to create quick mason-jar luminarias. If your cellar is bare,look for choice candidates at flea markets. Place a few scoops of sand in the bottom of the jars, then plunk in a candle. Group the jars for extra impact. Even though the flames are enclosed, keep watch over them.

Vary Your Blooms

Grandma always said there is nothing quite as nice as having fresh flowers in every room. Fresh-from-the-garden blooms and old, mismatched bottles create this no-deposit-no-return centerpiece. Vary the height of the bottles and the height of the stems to get a good balance.

Showcase Your Bargains

Let a blank wall reflect your eye for bargains. Here, mismatched mirrors hang out above an old chair and church relics.

Accessorize with Personal Items

To round out a home's character, pay as much attention to decorating details as you do to the main rooms in the home, accessorizing with personal items that not only delight the eye, but tickle the heart with the stories they tell. For instance, a salvaged screen and vintage luggage in this coach house serve up a bit of European-style romance.

Living with Lace

Sometimes just a pinch of lace is all you need to sweeten a spot in your home. Here, framed bits of lace from Grandma's sewing box become a sampler of memories.

Experiment with the Unexpected

Rely more on creativity than cash to get the unexpected look you're after. Here, paint and vinyl tiles do the trick. Not only are they inexpensive materials, the result is easily undone should you not like the way it looks. This living room was several shades of gray blue before repainting--dull, dull, dull. Now it's not only comfortable it's a little bit frisky, too. Bold yellow walls team up with green beams to create a bright backdrop reverberating with friendly energy. Simple-to-install vinyl tile squares cover the floor in a black-and-white checkerboard pattern.