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Organize That Mudroom

Even a mudroom can look good when there's a place for everything. Handy storage cubicles between upper cupboards and the countertop make stashing schoolbooks and sports gear quick and easy for youngsters.

Finish An Old Fireplace

If you have an old brick fireplace you'd like to refinish, simply paint the bricks for a new look. This fireplace, for example, was once dark brown. Now it's painted the same grayed green as the art pottery on the mantel. A glaze sponged over a lighter base warms and ages the walls.

Decorate with Sheets

It's sew simple. Solid percale sheets go the extra mile when it comes to covering your windows. And, they do it with a sense of style. These sheet panels swoop into dramatic folds, each panel suspended from only three rings. By day or night, light falls on the folds to give the draperies--and the room they grace--plenty of dimensional drama. An arty, oversize wood rod and sets of rings hold them in place.
Two double-size flat sheets are sufficient for a common double-hung window. To make them:
Install wooden rod brackets flush with the window casing. Slide a ring onto the rod and place it in brackets.
Measure the distance from the bottom of the ring to the floor for the length of the panels. If you choose to pool the panels on the floor, add 12 to 20 inches to this measurement (you may need to buy king-size sheets).

Sew each self-lining panel. Fold one of the sheets in half lengthwise, right sides together; stitch along the open edges to form a tube. Positioning the wide hem of the sheet at the bottom of the panel, measure and mark the finished height of the panels across the sheet. Stitch along this line to form the top edge (at this point the panel resembles a large pillowcase). Trim excess fabric a half inch beyond the stitching; turn the panel right side out, and press. Hand-stitch a ring to each side of the top edge of the panel, and a third ring in the center. Slide the rings onto rods and hang the panels.