living room ideas six



Decorate With Secondhand Finds

Deposited in one spot, a chair, old hats, a fringed textile, and a repainted mirror yield high design dividends.

Picture Arranging 101

When a tall, skinny space is created between two windows or between a window and a door, accentuate the obvious: stack prints atop one another for a similarly vertical impact. Here, even the mats are elongated to feel a part of the group. The wall objects reach down to the furniture to create a single focal point.

Show Off Treasures

A stairwell is a ready-made display case, a great place to show off treasures to a captive audience. Here, hats worn home from a lifetime of travel create an eye-catching display.

Add Character with Unexpected Storage

Instead of the expected sideboard, flexible chests store plates, potables, and paperwork.

Choose Simple Things

When you fill your home with simple things,life there just seems to slow down and take on a more graceful quality. This still life, for example, is a gathering of pieces chosen for their personality, not their perfection. It's centered around a humble pine cupboard that charms with the unique character only time and hard wear can create.

Assemble Eye-Catching Displays

To arrange one-of-a-kind tabletop displays, play with objects of different shapes, sizes, and texture, rearranging until the grouping pleases you. Here, natural tones unify the display while varying heights form a pyramid from the top of the framedphotograph to the lace doily under the lamp. Seashells, a bird's nest, and purpleflowers add a prickly texture indicative of their earthen origins.

Break Up the Mass

To make a tall narrow window appear shorter, break up its mass with window dressing. Here,a swag curtain hangs from a rod a third of the way from the top, giving the window a touch of softness while making it appear less massive than it really is.

Napkin Magic

A lace-edge napkin, cut in half diagonally, makes a pretty point of interest on asimple-to-sew window valance.
Materials: Vintage lace-edged napkin with corner motif; 12-inch-wide length of white fabric; matching thread.
Instructions: Measure width of window for valance. Cut a length of fabric twice the width of the window. Fold under side edges 1/2 inch and hem. Fold under bottom edge and hem about 1 inch. Fold under 2 inches at top for rod pocket. Press and pin. Set aside. Cut napkin in half diagonally using corner motif as bottom point. Hem raw edge. Center napkin half on valance, turning two inches of hemmed edge over rod pocket. Stitch 1 7/8 inch from fold. Shirr onto extension rod.