living room ideas one



Artful Displays

The secret to elegant displays--even when working with everyday objects--is the lushness of the layering. To create your own elegant displays, begin with one tall object, such as this lamp, placed in the center. Then, loosely create a triangle shape as you work down to the surface. A full bouquet and a candle-topped stack of books make the next tier here, then bone china, more books, and the glass-topped table itself complete the still life.

Paint a Chair

Good lines never go out of style. Saved from the dumpster, a simple chair becomes a canvas for easy and arty dots and zigzags.Proudly wearing a charming and tattered coat of paint, the classic farm table holds a generation of stories beneath its weathered surface.

Be Daring with Paint

You can make the most daring and dramatic changes with paint. If you don't like it, for another $15 you're on your buy yourself a can of paint and enjoy yourself. Here are a few tips.
  • Balance a light wall with a dark floor, or vice versa, so furniture doesn't appear to float in space.
  • Dramatize furnishings against a dark backdrop, but don't black out. Pick the darkest shade of a favorite color, say deep forest green or midnight blue.
  • Enliven a pale scheme with texture.
  • Pep up a dark wall with reflective accents.

Living with the Past

Adapt an old piece to let it live again (unless you're concerned about an antique's value). A paneled hutch needed only a plug cutout and removable shelves to be used as a hidaway for a small TV.

Amazing Vase: Slim and Trim

Bud vases come in a range of sizes and shapes.The one trait they share is a narrow neck. Flowers with distinctively shaped heads on graceful stems, such as tulips and roses, are a good choice because they look good alone and echo the graceful lines of the base. For a pleasing balance, the tallest element should be two-thirds higher than the vase.

Bring Style To Your Mudroom

Mudrooms often suffer from decorating neglect. Here's an quick and easy way to turn that unattractive area into a pizzazz. Staple heavy cotton fabric over an unattractive ceiling to cover it. Dress a side chair in a matching slipcover accented with a mini-stripe ruffle. Place a cushion on top of a painted bench to add an extra seat, and add a striped curtain at the door window.

Fill In the Blanks

Fill in the blanks, such as wall space under a high window, with furnishings that function and look great. A leggy sofa table and old metal baskets help bridge the gap and stash odds and ends.