living room ideas four



Decorate with Wicker

Old wicker has a simple, handmade character that's easy to live with, and mix with. Put it at home with other homespun items, such as Grandma-era fabrics and basket-like sisal, top. Then set it off with sleeker touches, such as unadorned panes and a gridded wall of books, which offers a colorful balance to the quilt.

Or, pair lacy wicker with a bit of rough stuff for intriguing design contrast, bottom. Both packed with texture, new wicker chairs look great with old wood, whether it be a log home or an old pine table.

Slipcover an Ottoman

Cozy up a room in a hurry with the soft touch of a skirted ottoman cover you sew yourself.Here's how:
Materials: Square ottoman, enough fabric to cover it (see measuring and cutting instructions below), piping, and snaps or hook-and-loop tape.
Instructions: Unless otherwise stated, sew with right sides together using 1/2-inch seam allowances. This slipcover is made from three separate pieces: the top, the band, and the skirt.

Measuring and cutting: Measure length and width of ottoman top surface. Add 1/2 inch to each side for seam allowances; cut out top piece.
For band width, measure cushion depth; add 1 inch to allow for seams. To determine band length, measure around ottoman sides(perimeter); add 6 inches for cover opening. From fabric, cut band strip. (You may need to cut two or more strips and piece them together to complete the needed length.)
For skirt width, measure from bottom of cushion to floor. Add 1/2 inch for seam allowance and 1 1/2 inches for hem. Double the ottoman perimeter measurement for skirt length. Cut and piece skirt.
Using ottoman perimeter measurement plus 4 inches, prepare two pieces of self-covered fabric piping from remaining fabric.
Assembly: Beginning and ending 1-inch short of each end, sew piping to edge of ottoman top. Then sew remaining piping to lower edge of band piece.
Sew gathering thread along upper edge of skirt to within 2 1/2 inches of each end. For skirt hem, turn under 1/2 inch, then 2 inches; sew.
With raw edges even, fit gathered edge of skirt to piped edge of band; sew in place.

On each edge of opening, turn under 1 inch twice; sew in place. Fit band/skirt piece to ottoman top overlapping opening edges approximately 1 inch. Position the opening in the middle of one side (see bottom photo). Sew snaps or hook-and-loop tape to opening edges as needed.