Laptops As A Fashion Statement

Forget your swatch ... if you want to make a serious fashion statement; don't forget to take your laptop along!!

Laptops considered by most to be the only all-in-one alternative to the universal Desktop PC, a laptop today also carries the attitude of its owner. Folks sporting the all-too-apparent, sleek leather cases invite wide-eyed interest from, and even slinking jealousy from some.

These "office on the move" or "portable workplace" machines have more than mere utilitarian value. Firstly, they have become sleeker and more attractive. Secondly, and most importantly, they are a fashion statement of sorts, much like branded footwear and hair extensions.

Picture yourself traveling home from work at the fag end of the day. Chances are, due to the current dotcom revolution, and the budding realization of the value of the computer for most tasks, you've been in front of a machine all day. So, you've probably done the work of an estimated three people in the course of one day. You might be thinking of how much work you have left, that you need to have completed before your boss walks into the office the next morning, or that time-consuming spell check, paragraph alignment, bulleting, or final template designing that you either forgot or just didn't have time to do.

Now imagine this. You whip out your stylish leather carry case, unzip and remove a glossy, black, thin machine even as the air-conditioned bus drives towards your home. Seemingly nonchalant, you're used to the appraising and admiring glances that you're now receiving. Without too much of a hassle you slide the machine open, slip a diskette in, and click out a few basic commands. And then you perform routine, mundane word-processing, or even number crunching tasks, that would otherwise have taken you the better part of an hour at work the next day. And all this without having to tear your eyes away from the refreshing outdoors for very much long.

The laptop isn't called the "corporate workhorse" for nothing. Younger people, who don't necessarily go to work, or need to save precious minutes of the workday, also consider these machines to be the "in thing". For one, they look cooler. Much more of a fashion statement than those stodgy PCs that just seem to take up desk space nowadays. Also, it impresses your peers.

A typical scenario for most teenagers would include you and your friend typing out a lengthy email together to a common friend while sipping coffee at a café. Or even carrying a digitized version of your notes to work on while "hanging out" with your college project team at a food joint or a park. You don't even have to be exceptionally computer savvy while using these machines.

There's no need to get intimidated by a laptop's smooth, compact look. Most laptops have familiar Windows based interfaces that a majority of PCs use, and all are very user-friendly. So, if you have the option, lap up this portable version of your PC, guys.