kitchen ideas three



Open Shelves

Even a plain little kitchen can sparkle with personal style. Here, open shelving provides a focal point for display. A collection of copper cooking utensils, glass canisters, and a few white mixing bowls lend a natural, old-fashioned air to what is essentially an all-white kitchen. The secret to such a display? Group like objects for impact. Here, accents are all natural colors.

Create Your Own Work Table

It doesn't take a lot of skill and fancy materials to make a kitchen work table. Here, the table beneath the window is topped with marble recycled from an old end table. Porch posts from the lumberyard are used for legs.

Store Tablecloths Neatly

Here's a neat idea for storing tablecloths so they stay wrinkle-free. Make a rack of dowels on a slide-out glider underneath a countertop. Anytime you want a tablecloth, just pluck clean, crisp one off the rack.

Cupboard Dos and Don'ts

  • Do group kitchen keepsakes according to color. Tuck objects that don't fit the color or style profile (like less-than-picturesque plasticware) behind closed doors.
  • Do stand eye-catching plates and platters on sturdy plate stands. They make a colorful backdrop for pint-size objects such as crocks and other small keepsakes.

  • Don't waste storage space simply because your cabinet is glass-fronted. Nest smaller bowls inside larger bowls. Roll-up frequently used napkins and tuck them neatly inside for visual interest and convenience.
  • Don't limit yourself to a row of matching canisters, mugs, etc. Instead, separate them into clusters or intersperse them with other collectibles of a similar hue.
  • Don't store frequently used items on the highest shelf. Keep them within arm's reach.