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Store Knives Easily

This custom storage idea is truly on the cutting edge. A simple rack is built into a top drawer to house all the knives conveniently, but safely, out of the way. What's a knife without a cutting board? A solid-surface chopping block effortlessly slips into the drawer. It has a finger hole lift-out ease.

Island for a Small Kitchen

You don't have to have a large kitchen to house a convenient island. Styled for country or traditional decor, this butcher-block table is suitably sized for a small kitchen. The island stands up to chopping duties and offers a handy landing spot for grocery bags brought in through the back door. To be practical as well as efficient, leave at least 42 inches of walk space on all sides of the island; for two cooks, 48 inches is best.

Balancing Light and Dark

Glass-front doors help keep the deep traditional tones of this cabinetry from becoming overpowering. The light color of the ceiling, floor, and countertops also plays an important part in the balancing act. Seeing through the glass doors gives a feeling of depth, making the space appear bigger than its actual dimensions. Glass doors also offer a chance to showcase special china or other collections.

Instant personality

One-of-a-kind door pulls add personality to kitchen cabinetry. These custom-made metal pulls provide the perfect finishing for a kitchen with a Western flavor.

Be Color Conscious

The most glaring problem with most kitchens is lack of color. How do you come up with a decorating scheme you can live with? Inspiration for a new kitchen theme should come from something you already own or something you dearly love. A favorite fabric or china pattern, for example, can pinpoint your decorating focus. This plate and bouquet of flowers defined a decorating theme in the kitchen of one of our readers, and helped determine everything from kitchen color selections to fabric patterns, even the room's mood.

Hideaway Cat Treats

Create a movable feast for the feline member of the family. A drawer built into the toe space slides food and water dishes out for Kitty's dining pleasure, but takes them out of the way during peak traffic times.

Plan for Display Diversity

  • Do blend the practical with the pretty. Everyday items such as date books and favorite cookbooks can fit in beautifully with colorful serving pieces you rely on occasionally, such as Fiestaware platters.
  • Do use both vertical and horizontal space. Fill vertical spaces with stacked and rolled hand towels, tall bottles, and oversize narrow books. Close-together shelves make perfect resting spots for tiny glasses, a salt-and-pepper shaker collection, date books, and stationary.
  • Do display serving pieces you use in glass-door cabinets to keep them clean and dust-free.

  • Don't make displays look too generic. Diversify the materials in eclectic groupings built on a color theme. For example, colorful Fiestaware looks terrific alongside bold hand towels, figurines, and bottles.
  • Don't stuff loose papers and important bills between cookbooks or other items that can be easily broken--such as glass or crystal figurines. Avoid storing heavy objects such as phone books near delicate keepsakes such as vintage salt and pepper shakes or tiny bowls.