How to build a Mudroom Bench


Mudroom Bench a nice place to sit

A mudroom is a small room is every house. You can also call it a small storage room as well. If it is a storage room it doesn’t mean that it should look like a junk yard. Like other rooms in house it should be well kept as well. Things should be put in it in a nice manner that they can be easily located at the time of need.  Boots, shoes, hats, coats, scarves, paper, bottles, skates, skis, parkas, etc all these things can be stored easily in your mudroom. If you do not have a mudroom in your house you can easily make one by covering a small area in your house.

You can easily make a small bench in your mudroom to sit on. This bench would also help in keeping the room clean as one can sit on it and easily wear shoes and keep the whole place neat as well. Children make it a hide out for themselves where they can sit on and make plans or play treasure hunt by hiding things in it.

A mudroom bench can be made up of

  • Wrought iron
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Plastic

 All these materials can be used to make a bench but the best option would be a wooden mudroom bench. The bench can be made up of the finest quality wood;

  • cedar wood
  • pine wood
  • sandal wood, etc

 Here are the things needed to make a bench on your own:

  • 1 sheet 4x8 plywood
  •  1x4 pine lumber, stain-grade
  •  Circular saw wood
  • glue finish nails jigsaw with scroll blade
  • 150-grit sandpaper
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • Luann plywood
  • pencil
  • carpenter’s square
  • stain
  • polyurethane
  • wood putty

Make your own Mudroom Bench

Following these few steps you can easily make a bench on your own:

1)      First of all cut the base seat of the bench. A usual measurement of about 1 ½ feet wide and about 5 feet in length.

2)      The next step would be to cut a base on which the seat would stand. The base stand can be about 2 feet in height and 1 ½ feet in width. There should be two ply’s cut out of the same size.

3)      Next using wood glue fix these base stands to one side of the bigger ply.

4)      Once the glue dries out, hammer in nails to keep them affixed.

5)      Now cut another ply the same size as that of the seat and fix it in the same manner to the side base stands.

6)      Next cut out a small back rest for the bench and glue it on and later hammer in nails.

7)      Using sand and wood fill in any extra holes in the bench.

8)      Paint or polish it according to your desire.

9)      Now place this bench in your mud room.

10)  The lower rack can also be used to place shoes or small items like tool sets, etc.

 Mud room benches can vary in size and structure according to the size of your room. They can also be settled in different designs. One can also make it in the shape of a box which can hold different things in it. Similarly if you do not have the budget to make a new bench you can always use a wooden chest as a bench.