House Siding Styles

House Siding Styles

House siding means the elevation, the out look, the front of the house and the material that is used on it to make it look beautiful. The out look of the house demands maintenance and a lot of hard work and money to be invested on it to make the house look good. Several house siding styles are available in market these days.

  •      Rustic siding

Rustic sidings are those that are done for country side house usually. People who have money that they can apply on the sidings of the house to make it look good should opt for such sidings that look good as well as once spent well on them they demand less on the maintenance.  

  •      Concrete siding

The concrete siding is more durable and long lasting. Of course when concrete is used any where the houses are at lesser risk of getting ruined with extreme weathers. Concrete can bear the heavy sunlight as well as the string rains. The concrete keeps the house cooler from inside in typical hot weathers when the sun seems to burn the skin and wooden siding makes no difference between inside and outside of the houses.

  •      Historic house siding

The historic sidings are those collections that were used in the house siding style since 17th, 18th and the 19th century. They have been claimed to be very safe and good for the outlook of the houses.

The sidings differ according to the view and style of the house as well. The sidings done for each side may differ according to the variations demanded by the owner of the house. Wood is usually used in the following styles:

  •      Horizontal Siding

The horizontal siding is one of the most commonly seen around and used in houses. The horizontal siding is done in such a way that it reflects the strong winds and rain from staying on the walls. The boards are nailed into the frame of the house in such a way that they over lap one another. This way the out look of the house seems good and the damage that severe weather can cause to the building can also be avoided. The horizontal siding is better near the sea side areas due to the pressure winds and rains that hit the land regularly.

  •      Vertical Siding

The vertical siding is done in wood that is also called ‘panel siding.’ this kind is done by wood panels being nailed to the walls vertically. The Wooden panels are normally of a set size but they can be changed according to the demand of the owner of the house.

  •     Siding Sheets

Siding sheets are also available in metal and ply wood is the other option of course. The ply wood is the most cheap and inexpensive material available which looks good on the out look as well.

  •      Siding Shingles

Siding shingles are done in wood or concrete and take a bit longer than any other fittings to be done. The shingles are small and barely one foot in length that are over lapped by each other to avoid water infiltration.