Hookless Shower Curtains


The most uncomplicated way to revamp our bathrooms is by using hookless shower curtains that convey elegance to the atmosphere. How refreshing to feel that not only finer hotels deserve such kind of promising decoration stuff but also our dear lovely homes.

If you have noticed, the most common type of the hookless shower curtains use a split-ring system that is built-in and ready to hang hassle free of the standard rings. You will find a variety of design and color options accessible. Many households are switching over to this type of shower curtain, an ever-growing selection of designs and colors in different markets around us.

As you plan out to purchase these hookless shower curtains, don’t forget to include other bath facilities in your list. They are rugs, towels, decorative mirrors, tooth brush holder and the like. Consider them as add-ons that will harmonize the look of the bath place and your feeling to stay more time to enjoy your fave shower activity.

Fine hotels use hookless shower curtains because the latter look smart and go up and down so easily because of the built-in split rings that slip easily over the rod, saving you from clumsiness and uncomfortable scenes. Have fun in choosing these hookless shower curtains according to your taste. Find those which have sophisticated design, sheer see-thru panel at top and with fabric liner that snaps on and off easily. You have your freedom to choose where to take a peep before purchasing treading towards the mall or by ordering online. Which way do you think is more desirable?


Why get hookless shower curtain anyway? Take a look at the list of benefits we can avail from them:

  • Free from straps to tie and no hassling shower rings
  • Sheer panel at top of  the Hookless Shower Curtain tolerates in more light
  • Snap-on liner helps protect the fabric curtain from mildew
  • Hookless Shower Curtains are machine washable

Moreover, hookless shower curtains are known because they are easier to clean than ordinary shower curtains on hooks. They also have the added advantage of having been treated with an anti-microbe solution which more often than not prevents the growth of mold and the very foul black molds that tend to grow on untouched shower curtains.

Get hookless shower curtains that feature the patented technology and flex-on split-ring which makes the installation very simple and easy. You would be free from dealing with loops, rings or hooks and be in need of hardware no more. Be sure that the curtain is made of pure polyester fabric that is water repellent and does not need a liner. It is much better if it measures 71” by 74” long as standard dimension.

While hookless shower curtains are getting popular and in demand, various businesses come out with more variety of colors and patterns providing each inspiring client like you the chance to synchronize your shower curtains with your other bathroom frills. Don’t miss that privilege to recognize all the benefits there shower curtains are offering. Consider their stylish aura that can bring decency and value to your bathroom as a whole.