High Colonic or Detoxifying - Part 5


Any connection between skin and colonics is equally murky. According to naturopaths, one study conducted in the early 1980s showed that 50 per cent of subjects with severe acne had increased blood levels of toxins absorbed from the intestines. They however doubt that colonics would help this problem. In the short run, flushing water in the colon might change. But if the reasons for toxemia of the bowel are not taken care of, it will reestablish itself. Experts recommend significant changes in what's put in the system in order to improve what's taking place at the other end. We should eat refrigerated whole foods that have fiber. Things in boxes that last for years have had the fiber removed. Fiber helps move the toxins out.


PMS and weight gain are often bandied about as problems cured by colonics, neither of which has been proved. Weight gain is particularly problematic; it's an area open to abuse. While the numbers on the scale may change slightly after a colonic because waste and fluids have been removed, there's no change in a person's caloric intake. Colonic therapists say their treatments balance the system so that you can lose weight, but, if this is true, there are no statistics to back them.


The lack of regulation in this area means that alternative therapists must avoid making any formal health claims. As one colonist explains, all she can actually say is that her treatments detoxify, balance and tone the colon. If she claims to diagnose or treat illness, she'll be nabbed for practicing medicine without license. She, like many others, is careful to stay within the legal boundaries. So far, colon therapists have been pretty much left alone to practice as they wish.

There will always be people who feel they have to suffer for vanity. But there is no conclusive evidence that colonics have any value as a beauty treatment, so one must draw the line somewhere. Inexplicably, some people will want to use it as a psychological boost or a placebo that gives the perception of feeling better. And others will insist that colonics work. Until some damage is done and the authorities get into the act, this trend can only be chalked up to the vagaries of a free, body-conscious - and possibly anally fixated - society.