He’s a Growing Boy!


So, you are a single mother of a growing boy? Sure you know your boy is going through major changes. Here a lowdown.


The Changes


Nature has made boys very aggressive. When a boy changes into a man, the first thing that changes is his ego. He may want to ask for help, but may feel a little hesitant. There are a lot of hormonal changes taking place in his body too. They make him moody, depressed and very agitated at all times. He struggled with a growing sense of identity. He expresses his feelings more by actions than by words. He realizes that his parents are not perfect. He therefore looks for new people in addition to his family. His voice changes; he gets a moustache and of course is attracted to girls.




As your boy grows he will surely take interest in sex and women. This is very normal and you should let him be, only ensure that it is not abnormal. He will be very concerned about his own sexual attractiveness. There will be obvious feelings of love and passion in him and he might get into relationships with other sex. Though you should treat all this as normal, you must be very careful too. In a study done by an NGO in mumbai, most schoolboys visit brothels to use the services of a commercial sex worker. This is very unhealthy and should be avoided at all costs. Teach him about the dangers of such a sexual alliance. Also keep an eye on him to check his sexual preference. If your son is not interested in girls at this age, it is cause of concern. As an adult you much realise that though homosexuality is not accepted in out society it is natural. If your child is such a case be very careful and deal it with great sensitivity and respect.


Read Up and Seek Help


It might be difficult for you to deal with your growing kid. Read up books and more importantly take help from people. Uncles, friends, brothers, doctors, whomever you think your child will feel comfortable with.


The bottom line is, help your child grow up. This is the time when you should learn to accept your child as a friend. Learn to respect him/her from now on. Or else you are not going to get respect from them too!