Hardie Board Siding


The Effects of Hardie Board Siding

Wood siding and vinyl siding are considered the best for home siding but there are a number of other options out there in which you can make your sides great like Hardie Board Siding. The people who want to have siding similar in look to wood siding without all the hassle should go for hardie board siding as it is the best option for them to adopt. Insects do not damage hardie board siding and it is perfect against water damage and rotting situations. It is heavier in installation than wood as these are made of cement fiber board. These sorts of siding need not to have enough money for painting as the boards are already in painted pieces. Let us have a look at the best effects possible with Hardie board with complete safety.

Different Models and Colors:

Hardie board siding comes in 26 different styles and colors including HardieShingle Siding, HardiePlank Lap Siding and HardiePanel Vertical Siding. These boards are offered in 50 years transferable limited product warranty. All these models can withstand against hail, snow, rain and wind and are offered in 30 years warranty. All these Hardie Board Siding materials are offered in transferable warranty. Let us have a look at some pros and cons of Hardie board siding to explain the deep meanings of these sorts of boards.

Pros and Cons:

Hardie Board Siding gives beautiful look and longevity to your home and you can add some brick or cement or cultured stone into this board for long term results. The money back or transferable warranty makes these Hardie board siding reliable and authentic to get them. They provide look similar to wooden and vinyl siding, so, you can choose them without any consternation. The paint of the siding will not even deteriorate and you need not to have repainted them. It holds up for long time and you can get what you want from Hardie board siding.

Hardie board siding is more difficult to install and takes a long time for installation. You should also be careful for installing it. When you will cut this siding, you will be creating silica dust in your home, so, you will have to be careful to get rid from this problem. It is also expensive than other sidings. Snapping and scoring, or using shears are considered the best methods for cutting it. If you use a saw with Hardie blades, it will also be okay for you to get rid from silica dust. In this way, you will save yourself after taking a lot of care.

The Right Choice:

Thus, you can say that Hardie Board Siding is good for you to adopt as the advantages of it are more than disadvantages. Hardie board siding is the perfect need of your house if you see deeply. You should remember than it is primarily fibrous concrete. You should go for those Hardie board siding which is offered with transferable warranty so that if you find it not good enough, you may take it back to the manufacturers.