Hair Care

You are getting married, and it is surely the most special occasion of your life. And you want to look absolutely fabulous on this day? Well, we know how you feel. How about some hair care tips for starters? You surely don’t want to land up either getting too dry or too sticky or too shapeless tresses on that day! Here is you dope on hair care.


Firstly, remember that hair is an essential aid for beauty but you cannot get this overnight. You would need to begin taking care for at least two months prior to the date of your marriage, if not more.


What is Hair?


Before you actually begin craving or caring for those beautiful tresses what you would need to know is what exactly is hair? Hair is nothing apart from the waste protein, called keratin, discarded by your body. Hair is alive from the tip of its root to the scalp. The hair outside the scalp is nothing apart from the dead cells. Which is why you can cut your hair without hurting. Hair is very fragile so you would need to take care that you do not subject it to resilience or unwarranted force.


How Much Does the Hair Grow?


Hair takes around three weeks for it to reach the scalp from the base of the root. The average growth in a month is half an inch or one centimeter. A normal head would have as much as 500 hair per square inch of the scalp. 10 per cent of the hair on your would be falling at any given time, while 10 to 15 per cent would be in a state of rest and 75 per cent would be in a state of growth. Approximately 60 hair falling each day is normal. Each hair strand has a life of five years.


When Do You Worry?


The new hair branches out of the old one before the old one falls. At any given point of time if there is more hair falling than growing and if this continues for several weeks it is time for you to worry. But how do you know your hair loss has increased? Simple, just keep a watch on your comb, your attire, and even your pillow. Besides, your mirror would reflect the fall in your hair density as well.


Would Regular Use of Shampoo Help in Your Hair Care?


Most trichologists advice against using shampoo everyday. Remember that shampoo contains chemicals, which have penetrating power, so it can actually reach the tip of your hair. While it cleans of the dirt and soil from the scalp the strong chemicals might damage your root tip. The root of the hair contains a gland called sebum, which makes the skin of the scalp supple and water resistant. Strong shampoo can remove the layer of sebum on the scalp and leave the skin dry. So avoid use of excessive shampoo.


Should You Oil Your Hair?


True, oiling your hair leaves you looking sticky on the head, but if do not apply oil it is disastrous for your hair. What you need to do is apply the right amount of oil. Oils like coconut oil contain glyceryl fatty acids with natural anti-oxidants and vitamin C and E amongst others. These serve to protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun. So if you are one to go out in the sun frequently then you had better begin oiling your hair right away.


Remember these are simple things you can begin doing before you your marriage day, to get that fabulous look not just then but always. Now that you know your hair well enough, its time you know how to take care of them. The next article in this series will tackle a common problem- dandruff. So hold your breaths and wait…